I passed!

I received my assessment from the Royal School of Needlework today and I am over the moon! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve earned a grade for anything and, although I know it’s the learning that counts, I was still interested to see what the professionals had to say about my stitching.

But first…drum roll please…

Pass with Merit!!!

From the RSN Certificate Assessment Information:

Students are measured up against the finest embroiderers in the world and the gradings are much higher than other comparable courses. It is a great achievement to gain a Pass on an RSN course and this is what our tutors are
aiming for you to accomplish. If you gain a Pass grade you can be assured that your work is
of the appropriate standard required by the RSN

Merit 80% to 89% – this level indicates that you have demonstrated relevant and accomplished application of basic technical and practical skills; highly effective application of fundamental professional skills and a strong ability to work independently.

I am so chuffed! Proud! Amazed! Thankful! Relieved!

Here are a few of the comments the assessors made about my work.

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Detailed photos of crewelwork

Some of you have asked that I post close up photos of the finished crewelwork piece I designed and stitched for the RSN Certificate Course in Jacobean Crewelwork. I’m happy that you want to look closely at my work and hope that what you see is pleasing. I’ve numbered the photos so if you have questions you can refer to the number of the photo in your comment so I can answer it clearly.

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Single most valuable thing

Coral seas had a very difficult question for me: “What was the single most valuable thing that you learnt from the course?” When I sat down with Nicola Jarvis, my teacher, to talk to her about the answers to all of your great questions, she really wanted to hear my answer to this one. Honestly, I had to think about it for a long time and really clarify the best way to explain what I learned.

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