Crewel is cozy

I’ve gotten comments from a couple of readers about how cold it is where they live. It hasn’t been cold here in Berlin, but it’s coming…burrrr! Snow is predicted and much colder temperatures by the end of the week – 10 C/14 F. Having grown up in Iowa, my head tells me 14 F isn’t that cold, but living here in Berlin – where winter is a damp if not all-out-wet season – 14 F is very cold.

Which brings me to wool – delicious, warm, cozy wool. Yep, I love wool : to wear, to nap under and to stitch with, especially in the winter. Here’s some beautiful Renaissance Dyeing wool that I’m going to use for my next crewel work project: a project that will keep me warm during this cold season.

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Thread for Spring in Italy Sampler

Today I’m going to talk about the threads I’m using for my Spring in Italy Sampler, why I’ve chosen these particular threads for my sampler and where I buy threads.

I live and work in Berlin, Germany. I order all of my threads from European Union member countries. That way I don’t have to pay import duty on any of the thread I order and the shipping costs within Europe are very similar to shipping costs in the USA between states. I would assume it’s also about the same for shipping within Australia.

What this means for me is that I can get thread from France, Italy and the United Kingdom easily and relatively cheaply.  While many of these threads are available in the USA,  prices are often higher than what I pay here. I know that some of the threads I have used may not be available to embroiderers in other countries. There are threads that I cannot get easily here – Caron threads being one of those. The Impression threads I used for this project I bought while I was home visiting my daughters at Christmas. Finding them here is difficult and VERY expensive.

Below is a list of the suppliers that I use and the thread I get from each supplier. If you are really set on having a particular thread, then remember that duty might be charged and shipping can be expensive.

When I was planning this project, I simply took the threads I had and used those. I did have to order one more cotton thread since I only had three kinds of cotton thread. I wanted to get Danish Flower Thread but could not find it easily. I found one shop in Berlin that carries it, but they are open only during the hours I work. There are NOT open on Saturdays and NO ONE is open on Sunday! Talk about frustration! But the happy result of that dilemma is I found a new kind of thread and I’m really excited to try it – Aurifil Cotton. And I like it already because it has musical names – Allegro, Vivace and Maestoso!

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