Embroidery Tour in England!

I am so excited! For years I’ve wanted to take a course on embroidery from someone who was an expert. Someone who will challenge me and move me ahead in my work. On October 12 in Burford, England at the Burford Needlecraft shop I am finally going to do just that!

The one day course will be taught by Phillipa Turnbull. She is well renowned for her historical research, creating crewel work kits based on that research and her fascinating lectures on unusual and rarely seen stitches. Her work includes a commission to recreate a lost bed cover for the Queen Mother when the original was discovered missing from Glamis Castle in 1950. She spent over 600 hours on research, design and stitching and the bedspread was presented to the Queen Mother on her 100th birthday.

In addition to all that excitement, my husband and I have decided to do an embroidery tour of the Northern part of England. We have three wonderful excursions planned. First we will visit Durham Cathedral to see St. Cuthbert’s maniple and stole, a piece of Anglo Saxon embroidery.

Then we will go to meet Tracy Franklin at her workshop in Fowlers Yard. I am hoping to take a class from her in gold work…

Traveling south we will arrive at Kendal to visit the amazing Quaker Tapestry Museum and Exhibition Centre.

The Quaker Tapestry is the brain child of Anne Wynn-Wilson, depicting Quakerism from the 17th century to the present. There are 77 panels which make up this amazing work and they are housed in Cumbria, one of the most beautiful parts of England.

Along the way we plan to enjoy the delicious food in England and the lovely fall weather. We’ll also be visiting friends and I’m sure a few needlework shops as well!

The adventure begins as soon as we wake up in Dover after coming across on the ferry the night before. On the morning of October 10, we will drive to London from Dover to attend the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace where we are both looking forward to meeting Carol and John from Pearsall’s Embroidery in Wales.

The trip is planned for October 10- 23rd during our fall break at school. I’ll be posting as we travel so you can come along with me and enjoy the sites!

Twisted Thread!

Look what came in the mail today! Tickets!

Hmmmm… you might say…what’s the big deal? Well, these are tickets to a HUGE exhibit/show of thread, fabric, yarn and craft suppliers that takes place 3 or 4 times a year in the UK. Finally, after wishing that just one of the shows would be at the same time as a school holiday, it happened and I’m going!

Do I need more thread? Nope. Do I need more fabric or even yarn for yet another scarf? (The only thing I can knit or am likely to knit). Nope. I’m going for one reason only – to meet Carol and John from Pearsalls Embroidery/Langley Threads in Wales.

I spoke with Carol on the phone last week, following up on the order for the silk I’m using for the Colors of India project. While we were chatting away, I mentioned that I would love to visit their shop. Well, they don’t have a shop. So she suggested that I come the to Knitting and Stitching Show in London on October 10 and meet them there.

I mentioned it to my husband and he said “Sure, it would be fun to meet them and we could stop on the way to Warwickshire in October.” Isn’t he wonderful?!

M26 is their stand . So I will be making a beeline to M26. Am I excited? Yes I am.

I’ll take lots of photos and tell you ALL about it!