Of all the things I do during the day, embroidery gives me the most pleasure. I call it my “delightful time”.

Delightful: giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.:  agreeable,  pleasant,  enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, welcome

Working on the Marriage Pillowe has been completely delightful. The design is very pleasing, the stitching pleasurable, the colors pretty, the finished project, satisfying. All in all, delightful!


The hillock on which they stand, filled with French knots.

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Drawing to a close

It was time for some gentle crewel work this week. I love doing crewelwork and this particular piece is so charming. I’ve been getting Issac’s clothing stitched so he now has his coat on. The coat is worked in three shades of green, all stitched using long and short stitch.

Usually when we think of long and short stitch we think of long and short shading. However, long and short stitch is a great stitch to fill in large areas of a single color.

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Marriage Pillowe – Dressing Harmony

Since I saw this embroidered casket at Sudeley Castle last year, I’ve been interested in stitching people and clothing. I’m now at the point on the Marriage Pillowe from the Crewelwork Company that I’m dressing Harmony and Issac : Harmony first, of course!

The stitch used to create the dress on Harmony is crewel stem stitch. Each row is worked very closely to the previous row. The bands of color shading generally go from light to dark or vice versa. The placement of the colors is what gives the visual effect of folds in the fabric along with the gentle curves of the stitch guidelines.

The stitch guidelines for each separate color aren’t identical on both sleeves, nor are they the same on both sides of the bodice of the dress, which keeps the dress from looking like something from a coloring book. In the photo above you can see how the lines for the left sleeve and the skirt indicate different widths for the different shades of blue.

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