Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany

Years ago I did cross stitch. My daughters each have their own Christmas stocking with a cross stitch border along the top. I had always thought of cross stitch as a very North American form of stitching. Well, I now know I was W.R.O.N.G.

My first peek into the wider world of cross stitch happened a few years ago, when on a trip to a teacher’s conference in Hannover, my husband and I stopped at the fabulous Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany. Although not all the work was done using cross stitch, quite a few pieces did use that stitch and I gained a new appreciation for that simple little X.

The collection contains hundreds of samplers from all over Europe. The oldest piece in the collection comes from East Frisia. It’s date is 1620. 1620! That’s just shy of 400 years old. And I almost didn’t get to see it!

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