Blah and forgetful

I know we have members of the Unbroken Thread community from all over the world so, before I begin, I’ll explain what “blah” means in this context. Blah means I’m feeling less than my usual creative, motivated and energetic self. Not only am I blah but I’m forgetful. Not a great combination on the first day back to school after a two week vacation.

Yesterday I just felt under the weather without being really sick all day. Achy and cold for 30 minutes then just fine the next 30 minutes, then achy again and so on. I took a long, hot bath and went to bed early – as in 9 pm early – and feel asleep.  The only stitching I did all weekend was what you’ll see below and, worst of all, I completely forgot that I had a post to put up this morning. See? Blah and forgetful. Lousy combination.

The good news is that I felt OK when I woke up so I could go into school and see my wonderful, happy  students. They always make me feel better. During the day that achy feeling came over me again and then just as mysteriously went away again. My plan is to ignore it and hope it just gives up.

But this means I also ignored you and that’s not very nice. So, here’s what I’ve been up to this weekend. Finishing an unfinished project that I thought was finished but then I decided it wasn’t. Clear?

Remember the Floral Bed Cover? I was debating about whether I should stitch the top border or not. It’s been on the stand for weeks and I’ve been looking at it every day, mulling over if I liked it as it was or if I should finish stitching the design I’d drawn. Well, I decided to finish it and also to redo the dark blue flower.

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Leaves galore

Much of the weekend I was busy stitching thousands of tiny seed stitches to finish the leaves on the Floral Bed Cover. After doing a few more leaves, I decided Rachel’s idea of stitching more densely was a good one and would give more color to each leaf. By splitting the thread of the linen fabric, I was able to make the seed stitches smaller and it gave me more flexibility to place them exactly where I wanted each stitch to be. It took a lot longer, though, than stitching through the holes between the warp and weft of the linen.

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Last flower finished – it’s pink!

Pink has never been my favorite color. As a teenager I thought it was too “Barbie doll” like and as an adult I found most pinks either to bright or too insipid. Lately, though, I’ve come to like pink and the pinks in the DMC Floche a broder color range are lovely.

This last flower is a multi-petaled flower – something like a daisy or a mum. I could have done the whole thing using long, detached chain (or lazy daisy) stitched but I wanted to experiment and try something different for the base or bottom most stitches. I began by stitching long rows of chain stitch out from the center equidistant apart.

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