Texture and two threads

As I continued to work on the beautiful Marriage Pillowe late this week, I was struck with the texture of the piece. There is a three dimensional quality to it that is quite different from the other crewel work piece I’m stitching right now. Part of this is because I’m using Heathway wool for the other piece and Heathway is a more finely spun wool than Appleton. The other reason is that the stitching for the Marriage Pillowe calls for using two threads for all of the berries, acorns and leaves.

Using two threads creates a three dimensional landscape of stitching. The berries and acorns become hills and the leaves become long mountain ranges. The single thread stem stitch looks like a small, raised road traveling across the linen from hill to mountain.

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Marriage Pillowe: One third finished!

It’s fall holidays for those of us in Berlin. Traditionally, German schools have a two week holiday in the fall and the Berlin schools have this week and next week. Our school year is 195 days spread out pretty evenly over the year. We only have 5 1/2 weeks in the summer (6 weeks for the students) but longer breaks throughout the year. It’s taken me a while to get used to this calendar since I grew up and first taught  in Iowa where long, long summer vacations were the norm. However, these golden October days are so beautiful and it’s really nice to have some time off at this special time of year.

So what am I doing during my break? Well, a little fall house cleaning, going to doctors and dentists, cleaning the car, washing curtains and stitching a lot! It’s wonderful to wake up and think about what I will work on each day. For the past 3 days all I’ve wanted to do is work on the Marriage Pillowe. I wanted to see the first 1/3 of the piece finished. And now it is!

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Beautiful colors

The colors in the Marriage Pillowe are so beautiful. I’ve finished almost 1/3 of the whole design and as I work, the combination of colors becomes more and more stunning.

After I finished the laid work and the long and short shading of the first large flower, it was time to move on to the leaves that are scattered throughout the design. Now leaves are usually green in my book. Maybe gold/yellow or rust/orange but not blue/blue green. How could I have been so silly? Look at the colors in the flower with leaves and a tiny part of the stem. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

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