Trevelyon’s Cap: too smooth?

Yesterday all I did was computer work. This morning everything is fine, but late yesterday afternoon I was pulling my hair out. I reinstalled my operating system and the after effects were confusing to say the least. While I enjoy using the computer and learning about computers, my limit is about 3 hours. Today is stitching, only stitching and lots of it! After I finish this article 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to on Trevelyon’s Cap this week. At the beginning of the week the design was stitched to this point.

The color balance is good and the mix of stitches and threads pleasing.  The next elements to work up were the two long, narrow leaves on either side of the blue flower.

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Gilt Sykle Twist + Japanese Needle = Success!

Today I finally got to try detached buttonhole stitch using Gilt Sylke Twist and my new Japanese needle! Finally, I hear you ask? Aren’t you on vacation this week? Yes… However, vacation weeks are sometimes for catching up and, like many of us I suspect, I couldn’t sit down to stitch until a few things were crossed off my list. Now the list is shorter and I’ve had the best hour stitching I’ve had in a long time!

Firstly, Gilt Sylke Twist is not nearly as difficult or tricky to stitch with as I’d thought. I was prepared for the thread to bend, break, get tangled and snarled and generally be a right old pain. But it wasn’t. Not even a little. Yes, I had to stitch slowly and carefully. I also followed the tips from a reader, Mary Martin, and paid attention to the direction I pulled the thread off the spool and I twisted it a little bit as I was pulling it through. The thread didn’t break or tangle once!

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