Royal Persian Blossom

My new project is the Royal Persian Blossom produced by Talliaferro. The design and the colors are just beautiful. It’s a kit that isn’t a kit: when you order you receive the design, a basic crewel stitches guide, a yarn chart, instructions for before you begin and a detailed stitch guide. After I’d looked through everything, I decided to get started, frame up  and transfer the design right away.

Well, I learned a couple of things during this long, drawn out process.

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Thread Suppliers – Here and There

About a week ago I got an email from a reader asking me where to buy Renaissance Crewel Wool. She kindly included her zip code in the email so I would know in which area of the USA  she lived. I sent off the list of suppliers from the Renaissance Dyeing website and wished her happy stitching.

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on thread – that’s because I’m saving for the wool for the screen project. Ordering new thread to try isn’t part of the plan right now. But my plan means that I haven’t been giving my readers information on thread sources for a while and some of you have missed that. So, here are some great sources both in the USA and in Europe. I know I have quite a few readers from Australia and would love to have your recommendations of thread sources to add to this list.

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