Snip snip snip…

Having decided to remove the shaded stitching on the long, narrow leaves, I sat down to carefully snip them out. I had to remove three kinds of thread: the gold passing thread on the top, the Gilt Sylke Tiwst all around the edge and finally the tiny stitches of silk. For the gold and the GST, I used my goldwork scissors. I NEVER use my “regular” scissors for anything but embroidery thread – silk, wool or cotton.

I started to remove the stitches using my regular scissors but the stitches were so tiny and so tight that I was terrified I would cut the fabric so I stopped. Then I remembered a pair of scissors that one of my students brought to embroidery class – they would be perfect for this task! So I hot-footed it down to the shop and purchased the very last pair. Whew!

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Detached buttonhole leaves

On Sunday morning, the Trevelyon’s Cap project looked like this. The blue satin stitch flower, the long and short shaded three lobed leaves, the red and gold strawberries, the detached buttonhole stitch flower and little leaves: all of these elements seemed to work pretty well together and I was pleased with them all…except…the paler green, long, narrow leaves.

I kept adding and changing things as I’d stitched them in an effort to improve how they worked with the whole. No matter what I did, they just didn’t seem to fit: was it color, texture, too much going on, not enough?

I asked for your input and the answers I received were helpful as well as insightful.

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Royal Persian Blossom

I have mixed feelings about finishing the Royal Persian Blossom project. The overwhelming emotion is pride and a close second is amazement; pride that I finished it in a reasonable amount of time and astonishment that I stitched something that was rather difficult.

The first post about this piece went on to the site on August 10, 2011. I must have started stitching not long after that date so the whole piece took just under 7 months. Of course, I didn’t work solely on the Royal Persian Blossom piece for all that time. I did stitch a little every week and some weeks quite a lot.

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