RSN Crewelwork Course Day 8 – Mounting

The RSN allows an entire day for mounting your finished project. Having mounted a few pieces before, I was skeptical that we would really need that much time. Well, it was close and I was still working into the evening to get my crewelwork piece mounted the RSN way.

We started with a piece of hardboard that had been cut to the correct size, a piece of acid free card the same size as the hardboard and a piece of muslin larger that the hardboard. We had the hardboard cut so there would be about 2 1/2 inches around the outside edge of the embroidery when it was all mounted.

We laid the muslin on the table, then the card, then the hardboard.

We centered everything and then onto the back of the hardboard we glued – with wood glue and only with wood glue – the piece of muslin. The card was still in between the muslin and the hardboard.

My piece of hard board was 12 x 13 inches and the muslin fabric was 14 x 15 so I had a good 2 inches to fold over the edge and glue onto the board.

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RSN Crewelwork Course Day 7 – my sweet Deer

Long and short shading is a technique I had to learn to do a bit differently in order to be successful stitching the little deer in my piece. I began by stitching the first row in a longish stitch – filling about 1/3 – 1/2 of the shape with the first row as I did on a leaf shape. I then moved on to the second row using a lighter shade of wool and it looked just terrible. Amateurish, childish in the worst possible way and I was so devastated (it was the very last day and I was in a panic to finish!) that I didn’t even think to take any photos to show you how terrible it really, really was.

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RSN Crewelwork Course Day 6 – Workroom

As an isolated embroiderer (meaning I don’t know anyone in the vicinity who embroiderers and I don’t know of any places to take classes in Berlin) one of the high points of the course was the chance to be with other embroiderers, both fellow students and our teachers. Our work room was a happy place.

One morning I arrived early and the workroom was empty and quiet…although not for long. As we each arrived we would share what we’d accomplished doing our homework the night before. It was a good time to ask questions and say good morning. One of us might have brought an embroidery book or something we’d done earlier to share.

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