5 Inspirational Sites

The design process from start to finish is something that I’ve been exploring for about 8 months. Long time readers know that I’ve drawn inspiration from items in my home: wooden printing blocks (Colors of India and Blackwork Hearts and Flowers) and pottery (Spring in Italy Sampler) being two examples.

Like all artists, I don’t work in isolation. I need creative and beautiful input, to be inspired and to come up with new ideas for projects I design and execute. There are sites I visit regularly to see what others are stitching and to get an eyeful of visual inspiration. These aren’t “how-to sites” – I go to them for inspiration, not instruction.

Here is a list of my 5 favorites.

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Passing thread – it’s great!

A package arrived yesterday from Benton and Johnson that made my life better. Inside were 4 different sizes of gilt passing thread – from # 4 to # 7.  Whenever I read about goldwork threads I’m never really sure what they look or feel like. Photos don’t always help. It’s a unusual medium – metal thread – isn’t it? It seems like a contradiction for thread to be made of metal. Here are all four spools but on the next page are close up photographs that will show you the difference in size much better…

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