Knitting and Stitching Show!

Exciting and Overwhelming! The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London is overwhelming…especially for someone like me who lives in a city without any proper embroidery shops and who has been to only a few stitching shops in her LIFE. There was SO much to see – I couldn’t take it all in. It was so exciting to have so much available … but I couldn’t decide! Yikes!

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Embroidery Tour in England!

I am so excited! For years I’ve wanted to take a course on embroidery from someone who was an expert. Someone who will challenge me and move me ahead in my work. On October 12 in Burford, England at the Burford Needlecraft shop I am finally going to do just that!

The one day course will be taught by Phillipa Turnbull. She is well renowned for her historical research, creating crewel work kits based on that research and her fascinating lectures on unusual and rarely seen stitches. Her work includes a commission to recreate a lost bed cover for the Queen Mother when the original was discovered missing from Glamis Castle in 1950. She spent over 600 hours on research, design and stitching and the bedspread was presented to the Queen Mother on her 100th birthday.

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Twisted Thread!

Look what came in the mail today! Tickets!

Hmmmm… you might say…what’s the big deal? Well, these are tickets to a HUGE exhibit/show of thread, fabric, yarn and craft suppliers that takes place 3 or 4 times a year in the UK. Finally, after wishing that just one of the shows would be at the same time as a school holiday, it happened and I’m going! Continue reading