Away from Home Sweet Home

When you travel to an embroidery workshop or course, what do you take with you? Which of your things are absolutely necessary to have, that you wouldn’t borrow or buy new if you left them at Home Sweet Home?

Scissors, believe it or not, are not on this list.  if I forget my scissors, I’ll still be comfortable using a friend’s pair or picking up a new pair – knowing that another pair will come in handy some day.

Needles I’m more particular about. There are two kinds of needles that I’ve learned to love: Bohin and Pym. They both are sharp and have smooth holes so the thread doesn’t catch. I can use other needles but I wouldn’t be as comfortable stitching with them.

My needle book will be going with me


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Fowlers Yard & Tracy A. Franklin – Inspirational!

It’s a quiet little corner. Just steps away from the bustling high street in Durham, UK is  a place called Fowler’s Yard. Here you will find Tracy Franklin’s workshop. It’s an historical group of buildings overlooking the River Wear in the center of Durham that have been refurbished into unique, creative work spaces for professional artists, craftspeople and creative businesses.

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Phillipa Turnbull – Amazing!

My head is going to explode! I am full-to-overflowing with new information, skills and techniques! It was an Excellent Day!

The pillow that Phillipa is holding is the project that we worked on throughout the day. Look at how beautiful it is! All of the projects that The Crewel Work Company produce include their exclusive Scottish grown, specially woven linen twill printed with the design and stitch directions, two of their own made to order crewel needles, all the beautiful Appleton wool you will need and the most comprehensive, detailed instructions I have ever seen. These are NOT simple little kits…they are home study courses in crewel work.

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