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Announcing Trevelyon’s Miniature Pocket Course

June 1, 2019 – January 1, 2020

Registration closes May 15, 2019

This allows time to gather materials and supplies.


In the 17th century gentlemen carried currency, important papers, perhaps even secret love notes in a pocket or pocketbook. Such pockets were rectangular and flat. A gentleman’s pocket could be hidden in a deep coat pocket where it was safe from being lost or stolen. When a highly decorated pocket was pulled out amongst company, the embroidery would immediately demonstrate that this man was someone of wealth and refined taste. These pockets were valued by their owners and often mentioned in wills, inventories, and diaries. Museums all over the world have pockets as part of their collections. They are beautiful reminders of an elegant past.

The miniature replica we will be embroidering is only 5 inches wide and 2 ½ inches tall.

The design for our miniature pocket is taken from the 1609 Miscellany of Thomas Trevelyon.  It is made of white silk. The embroidery is worked in Au ver a Soie – Soie d’Alger silk, gold check and gold passing thread. 

The course lasts for eight months. Each month we will focus on one element of the design. Lessons are delivered via PDF with ample photographs to help you understand how to create each motif using the stitches and techniques I used to create my original pocket. There is a website expressly for students enrolled in “With Threaded Needle” courses and I am always just an email away if you have questions or need additional help.

Once your paid registration is received, you will get an email that includes a supply list, the pattern to transfer the design to your fabric and information on how to register on the web site. I will include both Au ver a Soie numbers and DMC numbers in the supply list. This is so students who may wish to create the cap on linen fabric with cotton thread have a list of supplies as well as those who choose to work in silk. The gold threads do not have an alternative choice. ** Please note, there is no kit offered for this course**

There will be resources listed for obtaining the threads you need. However, since students register from all over the world, I would suggest that you use the “With Threaded Needle” web site to communicate with one another about sources as well. I also strongly encourage you to use local needlework shops as much as possible.

The fee for the 8 month course is $80.00 US

You may choose to pay for the course in full or you may pay in 8 monthly instalments of $10 each month. Your first payment of $10 is due upon signing up for the course, due by May 15. You will receive a bill for $10 on the first of the month from July, 2019 through January 2020. Please note late or missed payments will result in cancelation of the course.

After you have paid for the course. please scroll down and click on the grey button entitled “Return to Merchant Page”. This will take you to the Welcome letter where you will find links to the supply list and information on how to register for using the web site.

Trevelyon’s Pocket Course

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