Joining the Embroiderer’s Guild of America

Moving back to Iowa has meant that I’m now able to join Embroiderer’s Guild of America chapter and attend EGA meetings! I am a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild in the UK but, needless to say, the meetings were too far away when we lived in Berlin, although I’m sure they would be delightful, maybe even with tea and scones. (One can be hopeful, right?)

I visited two different chapters here in Iowa, one in Des Moines which is 40 minutes from my home and one in Cedar Rapids, which is two hours away. Both groups are friendly, passionate about embroidery and have activities that are of interest to me. Last week I joined the Cedar Valley Chapter and next time I go to the Valley Junction (Des Moines) Chapter meetings, I will join them as well. Did you know you can be a member of two local chapters?

The EGA has recently updated their web site and, at first glance, it’s rather lovely. You can see it by clicking here. I’ve not explored the entire site but it sure looks interesting! And here’s a link to the Embroiderer’s Guild UK site.

Not being the kind of person who joins a group and then does nothing, I signed up to demonstrate embroidery this coming weekend at their Showcase of Needle Arts in Marion, Iowa. I’ll be working on the Trevelyon’s Purse project on Friday from 12 – 2 pm with the hope that I can get it finished so I can offer the class soon.

As a member of any chapter of the EGA, I needed to have an embroidered name tag for chapter meetings, so yesterday I created one. It was a good day to be inside stitching as we had 4 inches of snow and it was cold. Typical April weather in Iowa.

The name tag is worked on pale grey silk dupion with Thread Gatherer Silk ‘N Colors thread and ribbon. The cord is one I made myself using Thread Gatherer Silk ‘N Colors silk.


If you live nearby I would highly recommend coming along to see the work the members of the Cedar Valley Chapter have done. All the information is below.  There are over 400 pieces in the exhibition, so there will certainly be something for everyone. I’ll be there stitching with my name tag on and I’d love to say hello!



8 thoughts on “Joining the Embroiderer’s Guild of America

  1. Welcome to the EGA! Check out the regional and national seminars when you have a chance. They can be a lot of fun.

  2. It’s great you are able to join a guild chapter, I am a member at large and now that I am house hunting one of my “wants” is to live closer to a Chapter so that I can join one. For now though I can enjoy online offerings and plan day trips to other events offered by the EGA. You name tag turned out beautiful.

  3. Welcome (back?) to Iowa! I missed you by a couple of hours in Marion. It was a lovely show as usual. I’ve thought many times about joining CVEGA, or the Mississippi River Valley guild (I missed that show last all totally 🙁 ). Right now work seems to stomp on all the meeting hours 🙁 It’s on my retirement list though! Along with a quilt guild, sewing guild… 🙂 You have a great space for your work/teaching studio.

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