New Embroidery Studio!

You haven’t heard from me in a very long time. For two months we were in camping mode. Now I have good news; my studio is set up and I’m able to get back to embroidering the two pieces for upcoming courses!

Having moved from Germany to Iowa, we were living with things that were in the family home for a while and then our shipment arrived. Furniture and 272 boxes. Now I know that sounds like a lot -and it is a lot of boxes – but apparently it really isn’t very many for this company. The average is upwards of 400. YIKES! It took us a couple of weeks to get some of the things unpacked, including my embroidery studio. The threads, fabric and all my tools arrived safely and are now unpacked and in the huge room that will be my work and teaching studio.

There is plenty of wall space to display some of my work and, later, even some student’s work if we decide to have a small exhibition.

You can see there are dressers below the embroidery pieces which provide ample space for most of my fabric.

My collection of samples is displayed in two places in the room – one above my piano and the other (see below) next to the fireplace. My thread is also to the left of the fireplace, just behind all the samples I did and framed for my City and Guilds Course.

Best of all the room is large enough for at least 6 students and possibly up to 10. I’d need to buy a second table but there is plenty of space in the room. A friend and I did a test and there is also enough space for each embroiderer to spread out her things and be comfortable.

One entire wall is windows so, on a sunny day, the room is flooded with sunlight, you can see the birds and the squirrels outside in the woods. I even have a small space to write my blogs and do administration work for classes.

Which brings me to two things: this room will be taken apart in the next few months to install new heating duct work, a new ceiling and additional lighting so I won’t be able to offer courses right away. However, I am working on being able to offer the Bateau Bayeux course, the King’s Pineapple course and the Trevelyon’s Cap course again in the near future.

Sadly, I can’t say when the Trevelyon’s Pocket or the new Bayeux Tapestry course will be ready, due to the remodelling that we’ll be doing. I’m hoping for late summer/early fall but I just don’t know what things will be like when the house is – again – in chaos!

As soon things are settled completely, I’ll be offering courses in my studio as well. Ames, Iowa, is a lovely town with many things to do in addition to learning embroidery! As always, if you’re interested in a studio course, please let me know and I’ll start a waiting list.

Now, I’m going to go and stitch in my new space – finally!

9 thoughts on “New Embroidery Studio!

  1. Good to see you settled and love the visuals of your studio, Kathy. Let us hope that the view of the woods will inspire you to create beautiful pieces!!!

  2. Lovely room with lots of space for everything. Thanks for sharing.
    Very nice to see your work on display.

  3. Good luck getting settled! It is exciting and exhausting at the same time. I, too, have moved around, and repatriated from Saudi Arabia four years ago. It’s quite a process.

    I live in St. Paul, MN and would like to take a class from you when you’re ready. I have taken classes at the RSN and also been on tours with Philippa Turnbull.

    Enjoy the process!

  4. Hi Kathy!

    Good to know you’re safely there and happily installed in your new workspace. 🙂

    Wow, yes, that’s a lot of boxes. The 50cm cube type? If and when we move to Germany, I want just a case one of those boxes of clothes, a box or two of books, one of art and embroidery supplies and a couple of favourite household things. Maybe we’d take some of our flatpack shelving and one or two other things, but that’s all. Ideally, I’d like a lot less! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your move. The studio looks very nice. i would love to participate in one of your classes!

  6. Wow…I am imagining this: that you are thinking that you are in “Stitching Heaven” with this wonderful studio! A huge space…lots of light…lots of elbow room! Congrats on creating a terrific space!

  7. Am I allowed to be jealous?? Love your space! I wish I had this for myself. All that room… BLISS!

    Could you tell me/us what the stitched piece are that you have in the room, besides the pieces you stitched for courses? I see that there a lot of samplers in your room, but I am unable to do a close-up on the photographs. The picture above the fireplace looks like a ship? Is it stitched?

    Wishing you all the joys and happiness of being in Iowa. I’ve never been there, but I am sure that it is lovely.


    • Hi Jennifer,

      I feel very, very lucky!

      The embroidered pieces are either things I have done or samplers I have collected, mainly from the UK and Europe. Above the fireplace is a print – not embroidered – of the Mary Rose, one of the ships in Henry VIII’s fleet. It sank before his eyes in the Battle of the Solent on July 19, 1545. Hundreds of men were lost at sea, 34 survived. The ship was buried in the mud of the Solent at a 60 degree angle which helped to preserve the ship and it’s contents. Many unsuccessful attempts at raising the ship were made from the time it sank. In 1982 it was finally recovered and the crew was astounded at the preservation of the ship and it’s contents. There is now a museum in Portsmouth where you can see the ship itself and all the contents. It’s well worth a visit if you ever get the opportunity!

      Liebe Grüße,


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