Days of Vines and Stitches

Since I’m moving back to the USA, I’m making an effort to learn more about what goes on in the embroidery world there. One of the seminars I discovered (and I know I’m late to the table here for my US readers!) is the Days of Vines and Stitches EGA Regional Retreat at Sonama University, in Rohnert Park, California.

Registration opened yesterday and I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that my dear friend and teacher, Nicola Jarvis, is teaching two different courses.  One is Blossom Wood which is an autumnal version of the fabulous Loveday piece I worked a few years ago. It’s a masterpiece of crewelwork.

The other is a smaller but equally delightful piece entitled Woodpecker and Larkspur. This is a brand new piece. Below is a photo to give you an idea of what you will be working on.

There are many. many other great classes offered and the location and housing looks great! If you’re interesting in registering for classes, click here for the link. 


One thought on “Days of Vines and Stitches

  1. How exciting that you will be moving back to the US! I must have missed where you made that monumentous decision.

    And that crewel work piece! Oh my…

    Hugs and Love,
    Jennifer H

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