Pretty, pretty stitch!

I’m working on the Leven’s Hall Pillowe and absolutely loving the stitches I’m learning! The one I’ll show you today is called the raised leaf stitch and it is a beautiful stitch.


In the design, it’s used for all the seed heads in the center of the design. The larger ones are worked with a double thread and the smaller ones with a single thread.


The stitch seems to me to be like a fishbone stitch but worked in the opposite direction. In a fishbone stitch you bring your needle up outside the edge of the shape and take it down to the back inside the shape along a line in the middle.


The instructions for this say to bring the needle up inside the stitch on a center line and down to the back just outside the edge of the shape, in this case the seed head. I’m not sure it makes a difference in the final look but it does ensure that the outside edge of each seed head is smooth since you can lay the thread down to see exactly where to place it.


The combination of textures with the laid and couched work and the raised leaf stitch is just stunning, isn’t it?


This is where I’ll have to stop for a week while I am in England and Scotland. The next time you hear from me it will be about the fabulous people I’m meeting and everything I’m learning!




3 thoughts on “Pretty, pretty stitch!

  1. I love watching your progress on this one – I have just started the Mellerstain firescreen. Thanks for sharing this stitch too, definitely one to try!

  2. How pretty! I wish I’d known this stitch last winter for a crewel piece I was doing that had lots of little twigs with seed heads like this. Far more elegant than the bundles of French knots I wound up using.

    Have a wonderful time on your trip!

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