Brooch by Jenny Adin-Christie

Wow! Am I excited! This morning I opened the Jenny Adin-Christie kit that I bought from her when I visited her class at the RSN. It’s simply wonderful!

Firstly the project, when it’s finished, is a beautiful, classy heart shaped brooch. It will look fabulous on any one of my tweed jackets this winter. Secondly (or really maybe firstly…because I am so impressed!) is the kit itself. It comes in a little calico bag with handles and on the front of the bag is a glossy image of the brooch on heavy card stock. One could remove it and have a nice little bag for storing things after the project is finished



But what’s inside is even better! When I met Jenny for the first time at the RSN, she shared with me that her instructions are so detailed and complete that others are afraid she’ll put herself out of the teaching market because her kits are so clear that she will be unnecessary. After looking through

her instructions (actually reading them if I’m honest – who reads instructions all the way through before they begin? me!) I do see their point. Her instructions are as close to having her standing next to you as is possible.  The cover – again with a color photo – shows clearly where each of the different metal threads or beads will be used.


As you can see, her instructions are illustrated with hand drawn pictures. Sometimes I find drawn diagrams very hard to understand, especially in older embroidery books. Time has been taken to color them so they are easy to understand. There are diagrams for each step of the process, sometimes more than one diagram. She includes the direction the needle should go when couching down metal threads so your results will be lovely. Really, it’s like having her right next to you!

DSCF2818You might have noticed the pretty tag attached to the handle of the bag in the first photo. On the back of that tag is a list of everything you will find in the plastic bag inside the calico bag. It’s a list of goodies for any needleworker!


And here it is! Look at all those little packages of fun stuff: metal threads, cotton thread, felt padding, beads, the brooch pin and loads more. Maybe this is why she lists where all the threads are used on the front of the instructions booklet – there are so many fun things I got overwhelmed with what would be used where!


The needles that are included with the kit are carefully –  lovingly I might say – put on the flannel page with pinked edges inside a prettily printed card cover. Inside the cover are the sizes of the needles next to the needles themselves so there is no confusion. Knowing that needles get lost, she has included two of each of the smaller ones.


My favourite bits are the teeny tiny pot of PVA glue and the equally teeny tiny heart shaped piece of bees wax. Just what’s needed to complete the kit and so nice to have included so I didn’t have to go in search of PVA glue!DSCF2822

If you can’t get to one of Jenny’s courses and you love metal thread work or stump work, then one of her kits is almost as good! In addition, she very clearly says on her site that, if you should have any trouble whatsoever, you can contact her via email or telephone and she will help.

Remember the Hampton Court RSN class I visited? Here are two photos of the project the students were working on. I’m not sure which I like best – the castle, the hillocks or the smiling sunshine at the top.

Hampton Court Palace 17th century Raised Embroidery Sampler

The Hampton Court kit is available to order by email :  ">. The cost is £75 plus carriage. For shipment outside of the UK please contact her. Payments via Paypal invoice of cheque.

Raised Embroidery Sampler

As you know, usually I’m not a kit person, but in her case, I’ve been converted! There are a few projects to do first, but the Hampton Court  kit is certainly tempting! For now, I can’t wait to get started on my brooch!

What about you? Are you a kit person? Why or why not? Leave a comment…I’d love to hear from you!



14 thoughts on “Brooch by Jenny Adin-Christie

  1. I am not a kit person. When I was learning, and even later, every single kit that I started never had even close to enough floss, and finding more, either by brand or dye lot was a nightmare, I never finished one so I do my own projects.

    Oh, and don’t think that all of your great vacation photos have made us forget about your Bayeux Boat, we still are waiting for a great update. 🙂 (Jeopardy theme plays here)

  2. Kathy,
    After seeing your blog, I contacted Jenny and ordered two brooch kits. It is so fun to see what is in the kit. Thanks for showing it to us. Now I want the Hampton Court kit too!

    • Hi Amy, too! But first I will do the brooch and some white work and finish the Bateau Bayeux project…and then I’ll think ago I it!
      Liebe Grüße,

  3. I think kits are a great way to start out with a new craft or technique as everything you need is there. I rarely buy kits when I’ve already tried a craft, but they’re great for starting out.

    • Hi Wendy,
      That’s a really good point about kits being good for starting something new. It’s reassuring to have everything you know you’ll need and the instructions.
      Liebe Grüße,

  4. I really need some help here please, Kathy. I have never done any real goldwork but I would quite like to try. Local classes are problematic in that there aren’t any, LOL. And even if there were I wouldn’t be able to get there or cope with a whole day or two of lessons. Soooooo….the question is, do you think that there is enough information, materials etc in this kit for a beginner to try it? I can embroider reasonably well in other styles so I am not a total eejit (Irish, I believe, for idiot, but it sounds so much nicer). It is just working with metal threads that I am not so sure of.

    • Hi Christina,

      I wasn’t sure about the difficulty for a beginner of the brooch kit I purchased so I went straight to the expert. I’ve just received a reply from Jenny Adin-Chirstie. Here it is:

      “Dear Kathy
      Lovely to hear from you! Happy to advise. I would thoroughly recommend that Christina tries the Mini Button Brooches kit at £17.50 first of all. This kit was designed as a good introduction to metal thread / goldwork, enabling production of a wearable item, rather than a picture. The kit includes enough material to make 2 brooches and introduces the fundamentals of couching and chipping. She could then progress to a medium brooch (see 3 designs pictured) kits are £30.50 which would lead her on to cutwork. The kit you took is a little more challenging for the complete beginner due to the height of the padding you are working through.”

      Although I haven’t seen the instructions for the smaller brooches, I agree that for a complete beginner the heart shaped brooch might be a bit tricky. It’s not as expensive and you will be able to make two brooches – one to give as a gift if you want to!

      Hope this helps you!
      Liebe Grüße, Kathy

    • Christina, I tried one of the mini button brooch kits mentioned in Kathy’s reply, and I would highly recommend it! I had never even touched goldwork before, and it was really straightforward – Jenny’s instructions make it really easy.

      Plus, you get to make two brooches (I must find my kit so I can make the second). Just don’t accidentally put it through the wash like I did – although I have to say it held up admirably well!

      • Thank you Jessica!
        Well, there you have it! An unbiased opinion and good advice! Let us all know what you do Christina!
        Liebe Grüße,

  5. I am a brand new fan of Jenny. You are absolutely right, her kits are works of art by themselves. I purchased her whitework sachet and to my delight, there is a bag full of lavender flowers inside! She is a true artist and it shows, I just wish she would teach at the RSN during the summer months !

    • Hi Trini,

      The Bath Textile Summer School has just added a two day class in mid-August 2015 so you could take that during August if that works for you!
      I haven’t taken a class from her yet but I will be taking one in Bath in August and can’t wait!

      Liebe Grüße,


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