Stumpwork…yes please!

When I was at the RSN I saw not only the Jacobean crewel worked class being taught by Owen Davis but I was lucky enough to be there when Jenny Adin-Christie was teaching a week long stump work class. Why lucky? Because stumpwork isn’t a technique I know anything about it and, therefore, haven’t been that interested in learning how to do it.


My vision of stumpwork was of three dimensional embroidered pieces that were unusual or interesting but not my taste.  I appreciated the skill necessary to create a piece of stump work but it wasn’t (note the past tense!) something I’d ever been interested in doing myself.


After seeing the work that the students in Jenny Adin-Christie’s students were doing I was VERY interested! First of all, the work they were doing was beautiful.

All of the students except one were working a special design of Hampton Court Palace, complete with a tiny fish splashing in the water in front of the Palace. It is a charming piece! I don’t think it’s available for sale just yet but others are on her web site.


I also fell in love with her gorgeous stump work pins. I bought the Millefiori Rose Heart Brooch kit to make a gold heart which I intend on wearing a LOT.

The women in Jenny’s class were full of praise for her teaching. I was able to stay, listen and watch Jenny explain two techniques and I agree 100% with her students – she is a clear and highly competent teacher. This shows in the instructions in her kits as well – they are detailed and well thought out. I know I will be able to create the heart shaped pin without any trouble.

Since this class isn’t part of the Certificate course, the mood in the classroom was intent but not intense. At the end of the stumpwork class her students will have a completed piece and accumulated a vast amount of new knowledge and skill. However, they will not be given a grade. The students in the certificate Jacobean Crewelwork course will be given a grade and their grade was certainty something the students in the Jacobean Crewel case were thinking about.


In both kinds of courses – certificate or a specific project – you will have excellent teachers, individual attention and you will meet  group of wonderful people who share your passion for stitching. How to choose what to do if you get the opportunity to go to the RSN? Follow your passion and do what you love is my suggestion.

What will I do next? Honestly, I’m not sure. Probably the canvas component of the Certificate but who knows…? I’d also love to sit in a classroom and learn from Jenny. She’s delightful!

5 thoughts on “Stumpwork…yes please!

  1. Thanks for a view into the RSN! The pictures are great and it is really fun to take this summer trip with you.

  2. Isn’t the stumpwork course on the Diploma programme? If so, once you’re through with the Cert and decide to go on to Dip level, you’d get to do it then too, no?

    I’d love to do a course like this, but the RSN’s prices, to say nothing of accommodation in the area and all the other necessities, are way beyond my reach. Still, I have their stitch guide book and I do a few pieces here and there.

    Stumpwork is a real blog-reader-pull, it’s one of the most common searches that brings up my blog and my pages and tutes relating to stumpwork are the most popular, so be prepared for a surge when you start in on raised work.=)

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I received an email from Dorothy at CHerry Trees of Bideford and Jenny Adin Christie is teaching a course there in October. Here is a link to learn more about it.
      Unfortunately I”m in school then so won’t be able to make it…rats!
      Lebe Grusse,

    • Thanks Kathy, but much too far away (I’m up north with no transport) and still way over budget for me just now.=) Besides, I can’t do Sundays.

      Never mind, I’m happy enough learning at home. Classes are really out of the question just now – we have only one PhD scholarship to live on as opposed to two professional salaries. One day, maybe…!!!LOL=)

      • Hi Elizabeth
        One day certainly! I remember being young and still in school or even just beginning in my profession; it’s difficult but you will look back on these times with fondness I’m sure.
        Liebe Grüße,

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