The Acorn: A Story of Stitching

Over the last 7 months you’ve followed my progress while stitching the Acorn design on The Unbroken Thread.  Many of you asked about obtaining the pattern and now youhave the opportunity to stitch this stunning crewel work design!

The Acorn is the story of stitching this beautiful crewelwork piece designed by Nicola Jarvis for her one woman show at the William Morris Gallery during 2013. The book includes the full size pattern and stitch diagrams with easy to understand  instructions. Beautiful, detailed color photographs fill the pages and provide both inspiration and an excellent visual reference to help you stitch this piece.

The stitch diagram/instruction pages contain references to the  pages of text where I have written about working that particular area of the piece so you can learn from my experience – both successful and “needing improvement”. Encouragement and feedback from members of The Unbroken Thread community are included and provide encouragement, insight and tips.


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  • 81 pages

  • 71 full color images

  • Stitch diagrams with complete instructions for completing the piece

  • Full size pattern and thread recommendations

  • Pattern is 13.5 inches/35cm wide at the widest part and 11.5 inches/28cm high at the highest part

This book can be downloaded to your computer or tablet and opened using a PDF reader. (Get Adobe reader here – it’s free!) In electronic format The Acorn book is easy to carry with you and doesn’t take up any space! If you prefer a paper copy, you may choose to print only the diagrams and instructions or the entire book.

When you purchase The Acorn you will receive both a confirmation of your purchase in an email with a link to the download of the book and pattern. The pattern is available in two paper sizes –  to be printed on either A4 or Letter sized paper.

If you are not familiar with the stitches used in the pattern, you may need an embroidery stitch guide.

Please note that the download files are 47.8 MB and download times will vary according to the speed of your internet connection.

If you are downloading the book and pattern to a tablet such as an iPad or Android machine, please ensure that you have enough memory for the whole file. Depending on the apps you have you may need a Zip app such as iZip (iPad) or WinZip (Android). They are both free.

You may also need a zip program such as WinZip, if downloading to a PC.

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