Acorn – next step

The long and short shading of the leaves at the top of the Acorn are now complete. Looking at the photo below I’m pleased with the balance and symmetry of the two sides.


When stitching the second leaf I divided it up into sections with guiding stitch lines as I had for the first one. This really helps me to make sure the direction of the stitches curves gently with the leaf as I work toward the inside top.


To ensue that the shading began at approximately the same place I measured down as I worked with my tape measure. It doesn’t need to be exactly right but a large variation would spoil the mirror image of the two leaves.


I also measured from the end of the curve of the light green to the outside of the dark green edge to make sure the curve was about equal. Perhaps I\m too picky but since this will be on display I want it to be the very best I can produce.

Here are the images from the drawing of the two sides.

© nicolajarvisstudio 2012

© nicolajarvisstudio 2012

If you’re interested in seeing this design as being stitched by Tracy A. Franklin, check out her blog here. Nicola told me that Tracy is stitching this pattern in a different set of colors and I can’t wait to see it as Tracy progresses.

It’s good to be working on a crewel piece again. i just love the stitches and the feel of the wool, especially on a cold winter day.


2 thoughts on “Acorn – next step

  1. Kathy, your shading is exquisite. Having spent this morning working long and short stitch on a little crewel leaf, I can only stand back and admire your perfect stitching and wish… did you teach yourself to be so good? Is it simply practice, practice, practice? And yet one needs a teacher, someone to guide the embroiderers needles. A post on the steps you took to learn and study embroidery techniques would be fascinating and informational! 🙂

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