Trevelyon’s Cap Final Photos

The sun did shine for a short time this weekend. It was late afternoon, so it slanted in the window as it does during the early part of the winter at about 3 pm. These photos have shadows which enhance the bright color and gold shimmer of the cap.

I took quite a few more under a strong light against a flat white background; these look more like museum shots. Lastly, there is a video – made with my iPad so it isn’t the very highest quality. It does, however, show you the piece in the round.

Before you zip down the page, I want to say thank you to all of you who sent encouraging words, upbeat comments, sympathetic insights and general support during the past year. You’re a great community and, as I’ve said before, I wish we could all get together and chat as we stitch.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Please click on the photo above to watch the video.













There will be future posts on the specific of putting the hat together, lining it and even making the tassel.

Until then…Liebe Grüße!

38 thoughts on “Trevelyon’s Cap Final Photos

  1. Looks a smidge like a thimble. 🙂
    Or one of those teapot covers. Lovely either way.
    I hope your next project will be as interesting. 🙂

  2. A brilliant coda to a brilliant and inspiring project! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I’ve learned a lot watching your journey, and admire your skills and scholarship. May every stitch you take bring you joy!

    With gratitude,

    – K.

  3. This is just beautiful. Your skills and the vision you realised are truly an inspiration. Can’t wait to see what wonderful creation you next start on. Thank you so much for sharing the journey.

  4. Hi maudericcar,
    Through the magic of wordpress, I could move your comment! Thank you all so much!
    Lots of hugs and one little bow…
    Liebe Gruse,

  5. It is truly lovely and an accomplishment you can be proud of. Thank you so much for sharing its making with us; it has been and inspiration to see you persevere through the ups and downs. Today’s post enables me to witness the reward of seeing things through to the finish!

  6. What a beautiful cap! It was so interesting to read along as you stitched all the beautiful flowers and gold. Thank you so much for all the lovely posts and beautiful pictures.

  7. Dear Kathy,
    Just returned from the U.S. and found your “final post”. This is an exquisite little cap! I still can’t imagine how tiny each little stitch you took had to be. It will glimmer brightly in your home now. Thanks for inspiring us and sharing your journey.

  8. Félicitations Kathy, I have followed every steps of this little hat and it is very beautiful. Your work is amazing and I have to say Thank You for sharing your work with all of us.
    France from Canada.

  9. Congratulations on a beautiful finish to this project. It has been a fantastic journey of discovery along with you – is it really a year?

    What will happen to T’s hat now? Will you keep him, or sell him or give him to a museum or ?

    Whatever happens, it is a great piece of work. Keep it up.

  10. As lovely as this looked when you had completed the stitching, it looks so much lovelier finished into a cap. It is magnificant and has been a joy to follow over the past year. Congratulations!

  11. When I look at antique pieces of embroidery, I always wonder if human hands really could do that. Now I know – some can. Truly exquisite.

    p.s how did you make it turn so nicely in the video?

  12. Followed and loved every step you took on this gorgeous project, which you so unselfishly shared with us. Fabulous end to this magnificent cap. Thank you! Wish I could print the 10 gold stars you rate in m book.

  13. thank you for letting us follow you throughout this project, it is a really incredible piece. One thing is missing though – could you take a photo with something in it to give us a sense of the scale?

  14. I must admit I had my doubts at the beginning, but you persevered and this is absolutely STUNNING! This was very inspiring, thank you for sharing this with us. I must add, you took beautiful pictures of the end result as well.

    • Gee thanks Nina! I felt the same way shortly after I started…and now I’m so pleased! I’m glad you like the photos too.

      Liebe Grusse,

  15. It is stunning, it would deserve to be put in a museum. Thank you for sharing all this with us. As a very amateur embroiderer, it encourages me so much to try, try, try…

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