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I’ve written about the silk from The Silk Mill and love using it. It’s a monofilament silk and there are over 600 – yes, 600! – shades.

I first used Silk Mill silk when stitching some small designs in wool and silk. The contrast between the warmth of the wool and the glow of the silk is lovely.

Then I used it again when stitching a large design with a little bit of gold added for elegance.


It was one of the three different kids of silk I chose when I did my thread sampler “Spring in Italy” and I loved the shimmer of the thread.

Silk Mill

Currently I have two beautiful packages of silk waiting for me to find a project for them. The silk can be ordered as individual skeins or in titled packaged sets.

 What do I mean by ‘titled’? Well, the set of silk that’s called “Days Gone By” includes one skein of each of these threads: Old Calico,Tortoiseshell, Candlewax, Old Ivory, Brown Paper, Lambswool, Palest Ivory, Bone China, Woad and Delft. These are among my favorite colors. Textiles is the other set I received as a gift – what a nice gift!

If you think you’d like to try these beautiful silk threads, now is the time as the Silk Mill is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary by having a sale! For details, check out their web site The Silk Mill.

For those of you who are needle pointers, they have the most marvelous kits. I haven’t ventured into this type of needlework yet, but if and when I do, it will be the Flowers design by Katsushika Hokusai or maybe Heron and Fish by Walter Crane that I chose to do first. I can just imagine these lovely designs worked up in this beautiful silk.

The Silk Mill was based in Norfolk but has moved to France. I keep hoping that my husband and I can take a trip to the area to visit in the not-to-distant future. I’d love to see all those gorgeous silks in one place!


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