Of all the things I do during the day, embroidery gives me the most pleasure. I call it my “delightful time”.

Delightful: giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.:  agreeable,  pleasant,  enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, welcome

Working on the Marriage Pillowe has been completely delightful. The design is very pleasing, the stitching pleasurable, the colors pretty, the finished project, satisfying. All in all, delightful!


The hillock on which they stand, filled with French knots.

The book, finished with words done in black silk.

Our happy couple!

In the sunshine…

the texture is just wonderful…

Finished and waiting to be made into a pillow!

Now what?!?!?


13 thoughts on “Delightful

  1. Congratulations Kathy! Thank you sharing this wonderful piece with us.I’ve enjoyed reading about your progress.I feel sad that it’s finished now,also happy too.It’s difficult to let go a beautiful piece which has been with you for quiet sometime, atleast for me it is difficult.How do you handle that?
    Do I get an invitation for Issac and Harmony’s wedding? I hope you’ll send one 🙂

  2. Bravo! The “happy ending” for Isaac and Harmony, to be sure. Now, they’ll live happily ever after somewhere in your home, of course!

    • Dear Readers, Here is a note that came from Phillipa Turnbull, the designer of this delightful and beautiful piece.
      Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for embroidering The Marriage Pillowe so beautifully! I have received many emails from your “the unbroken thread” blog followers including orders for the kit, questions from other designers and complements on your blog. So my thanks to you. We just do not have time to market our wares and teaching via a blog is a perfect way. Now here is the deal, next time you are in the UK or we meet elsewhere in the world, you give me an advanced photography lesson and I will give you an advanced crewel embroidery lesson.

      I have since embroidered another and more complicated pillow for my daughters wedding, complete with an heraldic lion James 1st brought down from Scotland in 1603.

      Tomorrow we drive south to present, on Wednesday, a lectern fall to the Broderers Livery Company in memory of Charles Gotto, Past Master of The Broderers Livery Company. Jane Lemon and I designed the lectern fall and the RSN have embroidered this. You may be interested as this will be on their website in a few days time. Prince Edward will be present so I am currently looking out my hat and gloves. After a weekend of gardening I am very grateful we will be wearing gloves.

      We were at St Paul`s Cathedral last week at the Joint Livery Companies service followed by a lunch with at The Pewterers` Hall.

      All the above fine for your blog if you wish?!!

  3. Now what? Hm, I would place it beautifully on display in your home, and find another project to fall in love with?

  4. Well done Kathy, congratulations. This is a gorgeous piece and if you need a new home for it there’s one waiting and ready down here in sunny

    What to do now? Well after a little rest, but not too long or you’ll lose the momentum, you finish the cap, because I am sure I am not the only one who wants to see it completed too.

    Oh, but that pillowe is lovely …..

  5. Dear Kathy,
    Thank you for letting us “walk” with you in the making of the marriage pillow. The result is fantastic, I love the colours and the different textures, beautifully photographed also.

  6. Delightful and beautiful – You should have a beaming smile all over your face – well done to you. I love the crewel work. 🙂

  7. Kathy, you have inspired me to jump in and do a project I bought in Colonial Williamsburg on a purse. I was overwhelmed, not sure because all I have is a colored picture. I will be sure to check your blog archives often, to see what I can use on this purse.
    Nice work, sit back, take a deep breath and dream about your next project. I’m sure it will be awesome!


  8. I really love the angled photographs you have taken. They really show the embroidery in a much different “light” and it’s lovely! I sure wish I had more time available to me for stitching. I can’t even imagine having more than one project going at one time! Bravo (or is that Brava?)!!

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