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Last Tuesday I had a wonderful surprise from Rachel of VirtuoSew Adventures. She presented me with a Liebster Blog award. I was one of 5 web sites that Rachel visits and values. It’s especially wonderful for me as Liebe means to love in German…one of the very first words I learned!

Thank you so much Rachel!

I read quite a few embroidery blogs and each one offers me something different: inspiration, instruction, information,  eye candy, possibilities…the list is long. Here are 5 of my favorites:

1. For inspiration and keeping my balance when I’m overwhelmed, I read  Needled. If you don’t know this blog or this writer, you must visit her site. Take time to read more than the first post: take time to read about her amazing spirit. I knit a little but that’s not why I read Needled. I read it because her prose, her photos and her take on life are honest and forthright. Thank you Kate!

2. For information, especially historical needlework, I love to read Needleprint. Jacqueline Holdsworth seems to have a knack for discovering things that I never find on my own. Not only does she publish beautiful books, she writes interesting articles that often lead me in a new direction. Thank you Jacqueline!

3. For instruction, it is, of course, Mary Corbet’s Needle N Thread. Way back when I started embroidering again, it was to Mary’s site that I would go when I needed instructions, tips and tricks. Her stitch videos are amazing. When I decided to teach two embroidery classes to younger students, I went straight to Needle N’ Thread because I knew Mary would have articles full of information and ideas for me. Thank you Mary!

4. For eye candy no blog is more refreshing than Coté Passions. This site is from France but I’ve linked to the English version. The woman who writes this blog, Veronique, not only embroiders, she quilts and knits and crochets and makes jam…she is one creative Frenchwoman! Thank you Veronique!

5. For possibilities, it’s Tracy A. Franklin’s blog. Tracy’s work is meticulous. The things she conceives and then executes are astounding. Her technique appears to be flawless and she can do things with threads that I couldn’t imagine doing…yet. Her blog is new – she started blogging at the beginning of 2012. Take a minute – no, take many minutes, and look at this goldwork. Thank you Tracy!

This weekend, if you have a few minutes, take time to look at each of these resources. There’s a pretty amazing community of people out there in cyberspace.


4 thoughts on “Liebster Blog…passing it on

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Tracey Franklin’s blog – I didn’t know she had one and will be checking in there ASAP!

    Well done on your nomination for a ‘Favourite Blog’ award.=)

  2. So happy to have these “new blogs” to visit (I knew of Mary’s and Rachel’s where I go frequently). It’s wonderful to be able to visit, and be inspired by, these bloggers.

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