Blah and forgetful

I know we have members of the Unbroken Thread community from all over the world so, before I begin, I’ll explain what “blah” means in this context. Blah means I’m feeling less than my usual creative, motivated and energetic self. Not only am I blah but I’m forgetful. Not a great combination on the first day back to school after a two week vacation.

Yesterday I just felt under the weather without being really sick all day. Achy and cold for 30 minutes then just fine the next 30 minutes, then achy again and so on. I took a long, hot bath and went to bed early – as in 9 pm early – and feel asleep.  The only stitching I did all weekend was what you’ll see below and, worst of all, I completely forgot that I had a post to put up this morning. See? Blah and forgetful. Lousy combination.

The good news is that I felt OK when I woke up so I could go into school and see my wonderful, happy  students. They always make me feel better. During the day that achy feeling came over me again and then just as mysteriously went away again. My plan is to ignore it and hope it just gives up.

But this means I also ignored you and that’s not very nice. So, here’s what I’ve been up to this weekend. Finishing an unfinished project that I thought was finished but then I decided it wasn’t. Clear?

Remember the Floral Bed Cover? I was debating about whether I should stitch the top border or not. It’s been on the stand for weeks and I’ve been looking at it every day, mulling over if I liked it as it was or if I should finish stitching the design I’d drawn. Well, I decided to finish it and also to redo the dark blue flower.

That dark blue flower just stuck out like a sore thumb and the more I looked at it the more I didn’t like it. It still is my least favorite of all the flowers, but I like it a tiny bit more than I did before. I think it’s the shape rather than the stitches but I’m not sure. However, it’s time to finish this piece and move on.

I also got quite a bit of the top border done and really like how it’s framing the piece. The little tulip shaped flowers will be worked in dark blue satin stitch.

I’m planning to stitch this evening and the next time you see this piece it will be done.

11 thoughts on “Blah and forgetful

  1. I like your changes to that flower. You’re correct, it is no longer a focal point but blends in nicely. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
    Take care of yourself and feel better soon – a hot toddy always works for me in these situations 🙂

  2. We all have days like this from time to time. Maybe you were fighting off a bug or something.

    I have always loved this floral bed cover and was happy to see it again.

  3. Oh dear Kathy, you do sound a bit under the weather. If it persists, maybe a trip to the doctor? Hear the universal mother! Do hope the blahs disappear quickly. The bed cover is looking so very pretty – can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. I sort of like the bright blue flower. Of course in New Mexico the sun is so bright that it can support strong colors. The lighter blue is a better blend.

    Hot toddy..Sure ladies 🙂 a little extra rum in the hot toddy will do you go. Even if it does not, you will give your bugs a jolly good time.

    Be well

  5. Hi Kathy, hope you are feeling better today. I liked the way that the blue flower was stitched in the first case. However, now that you have restitched it I have to agree that the darker blue was too strong and that the pale blue blends better with the other flowers.

    It is looking lovely.

  6. Each time I see this, I like it more and more.

    I have been taking Vitimin b6 compound for my Blahs and it has been really good.

  7. If I spoke German I would say (transliteration of sorts): you’re furklempt.

    Yucky, Flat, Zonked — but Blah says it all to me.

    Your work is lovely, even when you’re feeling out of sorts.

  8. Each time you make a change it is incrementally better. I love the border. When you are done it will be the very best you can do, and that is what we are all striving for. It will be just lovely.
    I am not sure what the final piece is. A bed cover? Can you explain a bit?

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