We are so lucky

Yesterday morning I woke up at my usual “getup and go to school” time. I’ve never been able to sleep late on the weekends – it seems like such a waste of the day. After making myself a cup of coffee, I sat down to do some stitching on the Marriage Pillowe as the sun came up.

Slowly the room filled with warm slanting rays of sunshine as I worked. It was quiet and I was simply enjoying the feel of the wool, the sound of the needle passing through the linen and the rich colors in front of me. I reached the end of a thread, finished it off and cut the end.

As I looked up from my work, I saw colors glowing in the sunshine. The Floral Bed Cover is still sitting on it’s frame waiting for me to decide about the final stitches and the colors were alive in the sun.

It stuck me how very, very lucky we are to work with the quality of materials, the beautiful colors and rich fabrics we use in our embroidery.

Aren’t we blessed to be part of a long, unbroken tradition of creating beautiful things from cotton, linen, wool and silk? Nature provides us with the raw materials and, through the ingenuity of the human mind, we’ve spun, dyed, woven and stitched them into works of art.

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