Attitude (and studio!) change

Yesterday I worked in my studio… but I didn’t stitch at all.

Like all of you, I have books and threads and fabric. My stash isn’t that large since I must order everything and have it sent to me by mail, I’m not as likely to make impulse purchases. This really keeps the stash small so the storage I have currently is OK.

The reason I moved my studio is that my projects are getting larger and the old space, which was perfect a year ago, had become too small. The slate frames on my IKEA hacked trestles take up a lot of room when set up. I have two projects going right now on 24″ slate frames which are large frames and two going on Evertite frames with the System 4 stand. When I found myself tripping over things and knocking frames off the trestles, I decided enough was enough.

New space

We live in a loft in Berlin that has six rooms; three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one huge room (90 square meters/960 square feet) where we cook, eat, read, live…everything! There are only two of us (all children having left home and happily independent) so this set up works perfectly for us.

My studio had been in one of the guest bedrooms and it was a lovely space. I could close the door if I didn’t want to straighten up or if I wanted peace and quiet from a football match, for example, on the radio. But it wasn’t large enough any more. So the two challenges I had to overcome were blocking the sound either one of us makes from time to time and getting my neat freak self to accept that an embroidery studio  will be messy.

Simple solutions: headphones and an attitude change.

I’ve always wanted our home to look magazine perfect. I love decorating and home making and it used to really, really drive me nuts to have things messy. (Ask my daughters!) Now, I just don’t mind. It’s our home, we live here, we create here, it’s the space where our life happens when we’re not at work. Some of you may be able to imagine what a huge mind shift this is! But I love having my work out. I find it makes me happy to look down the room and see the projects and know I have stitching to look forward too.

What I like most about this new set up is that Steve is at one end of the room and I’m at the other: we’re together but not on top of one another. We can talk if we need to but we can also do our own thing.

Now, if you dropped by, you would probably find me sitting here, stitching, reading, writing and generally being very content.


12 thoughts on “Attitude (and studio!) change

  1. “The slate frames on my IKEA hacked trestles take up a lot of room when set up. ”

    I have a small, square scroll frame and a weak right arm (recovering from surgery at the elbow.) Could I ask for more information and/or links to more information on how/what you hacked to get the trestles? Please?

    • Hi Dia!
      Here’s a link to the article that explains how I drilled holes in the IKEA towel racks and now use them as trestles. It works great for me!
      Liebe Grusse,

  2. The sacrifices we make for our stitching 🙂

    Space looks wonderful – would you like to come and tidy mine up? My problem is four large bookshelves, all full, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  3. Hi Kathy!

    I just had a look at your ‘before’ article as well (and got the low down on what’s where in your storage rack and drawers). All looks good – though I’d love to see inside those thread storage bins…. For a ‘small’ stash, you actually seem to have quite a lot.=) More than me, anyway – always assuming those drawers and boxes are half or more full.=)

  4. Yes, it’s great to be able to be companionable without actually being on top of one another. Good to know you’ve achieved the necessary mind shift!

    • Hi Coco,
      I’m the musician and play all sorts of stringed instruments. I was a professional oboist for 25 years in a regional orchestra but retired and moved to Europe in 2000. Now I play instruments for fun – including the North Umbrian pipes and Celtic harp. If only there were more hours in the day…
      Liebe Grusse,

  5. Kathy,

    I really like the new look, it does look like it came from a magazine. 🙂 It looks comfortable and cozy yet sunny and happy. Hope you are doing well. Miss you.


    • Hi Lynnsey!
      Gee thanks – like in a magazine huh? It is all those things – comfy, cozy, sunny and happy – the perfect work space!
      Liebe Grusse,

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