When I wasn’t stitching, here’s what I saw!

Least you think all I did while in lovely England was stitch, I thought I would take you on a short holiday via photographs of some of the wonderful places we visited.

Sudeley Castle was a surprise – we’d never heard of it and certainly didn’t know anything about the house, the people, the gardens, the birds! This is where we saw the wonderful embroidered casket!

Gardens at Sudeley Castle

Topiary at Sudeley Castle


Sudeley Castle


Pheasant collection Sudeley Castle


Peacock at Sudeley


Poppy in the rain - Sudeley Castle


Poppy - Sudeley Castle

During the middle weekend we drove over the Cotswolds to have lunch with good friends and stayed over night at the North Farmcote B&B. It was w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l! Our host, David, was charming. The B&B is a sheep farm and listening to them was very peaceful.

Sheep at the North Farmcote B&B


One of hundreds of beautiful dry stone walls - Cotswolds

After the course was over, we stayed on for almost two weeks. We are lucky to have such a generous friend in Leamington Spa who made us fell at home! We first traveled to Kenilworth Castle, former home of Robert Dudley.

Tower at Kenilworth - home of Robert Dudley


Kenilworth - the Barn where we had tea and scones


Ruins at Kenilworth Castle


Entry to Gatehouse at Kenilworth Castle


Elizabethan Gardens at Kenilworth Castle


A house being re-thatches in Kenilworth

Canons Ashby is outside Daventry and is a much smaller home than some we visited. Our tour guides were delightful and the gardens had a lovely view over the countryside.

Gardens at Canons Ashby


Gardens at Canons Ashby

Packwood House is a wonderful home filled with the collection of  Graham Baron Ash. Packwood House contains a fine collection of 16th-century textiles – mainly tapestries – and furniture, and the gardens have renowned herbaceous borders and a famous collection of yews.

Gardens at Packwood House


Gardens at Packwood House


Packwood House - oldest part


Packwood House garden - a "scarecrow - bird made from a potato and feathers


Packwood House veg garden - the Bug Barn


Topiary Garden at Packwood House


The very last place we visited was Bournville, the home of Cadbury Chocolates. Cadbury had moved an old medieval manor house (Selly Manor) when he built the village for his workers so we wanted to see that. It was all wonky and uneven and just perfect.

Selly Manor house - a medieval house in Bournville - the Cadbury village


Octagonal building in Bournville - the Cadbury village

The heart of England is filled with beautiful places and wonderful people. We had a great time!

After yet another delicious pub lunch!

16 thoughts on “When I wasn’t stitching, here’s what I saw!

  1. Thanks for sharing, looks just wonderful and cool, compared to 105 every day in Texas. I am always drawn to those magnificent trees. And the bug house is intriguing…could you elaborate?

    • Hi Jean,
      It was cool but just perfect for sightseeing and photographing. 105 would be a bit much, I agree! The bug barn (my mistake and I fixed it on the caption now) was located in the big kitchen gardens at the house. It was in the corner of the gardens alongside the path. It’s made of what looked like round drainage tiles (the tube shaped things you see) stacked inside a triangular frame. Inside each of the tubes were different materials that were a welcoming habitat for different kinds of bugs that would help with pollination, pest control, etc. in the garden. It looks like a great idea and when I have a garden again I’ll make my own.
      I’ve written to Packwood House to see if one of the gardeners will be able to tell me what is inside each of the tiles. If I get a reply, I’ll let you know!
      Liebe Grusse,

  2. Thank you, Kathy, for posting all these wonderful photos! My favorite time in history is Elizabethian. I’d always dreamed of going to England and seeing places like you are so fortunate to have seen! I’ll just have to be content with vicariously visiting through your photos. Would you mind if I copied a few of them, making sure to have your name on them? We could use some of the cool weather here in Indiana! We’ve had about 2-3 weeks of high 90s, with heat indices around 110-115!
    Best regards,

    • Hi Joy,
      Of course you may use these photos! It’s also my favorite time in history – well. one of my favorites. I just love the history of England and Scotland and read as many books as I can get my hands on – both non-fiction and fiction. I know all about the heat you’re experiencing. I’m from Iowa and have family there and in Minneapolis. They’re all exhausted by the heat and humidity and very thankful for AC. Drink lots of water and do nothing, as my mom used to say.
      Liebe Grusse,

  3. Lovely – you’ve seen some wonderful sights! Did you know that Kenilworth was also the childhood home of Henry V, of Agincourt fame?

  4. Beautiful, what more can one say…well wishing I was there is unspoken! Thank you, I too read about places like this but to be there, lucky you!!!!! The garden gate is breathtaking.
    Enjoy your time as I’m sure it is speeding by like mad.
    The “bug barn” is an interesting touch, might come in handy some day when I’m done traveling.

  5. I’ve visited a few of those places, many years ago now, but it was a wonderful trip down memory lane seeing the photos. Now I just want to stitch that gate at Sudeley!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. Kathy – Welcome Home! It looks as if you had a Wonderful Time! A perfect holiday in every way?!

    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us!

    Best regards,

  7. Such lovely photos. I’ve only been to London and Scotland, and would love t visit the English countryside. I’ll definitely bookmark this page for reference to the places I’d like to see. Thanks for posting these photos.

  8. Thanks a lot for posting these, Kathy! I can’t get enough stately homes and haven’t been to one for yonks! Must rectify that as soon as finances allow…. I’ve got some good ideas for one area anyway, thanks to you!

  9. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful pix, of those magnigicent places you visited. I can imagine the wonderful time you had at all these fabulous estates.
    Sudely Castle, to me, seems like it is one of the places where the British comedy “Appearances” was filmed. Those gardens are to die for.
    Thank you so much for sharing, especially for those of us here in the US who have never been to England.

  10. Kathy, your gorgeous photos bring back memories of my one and only visit to that area so long ago that the places we stayed in are probably now in ruins themselves!

    You obviously were there at the best time of the year for the gardens. Aren’t they luscious? I have lived in the tropics and can’t stand those bright showy things that grow like crazy, but the cool temperate with the lovely pastels and darks – ah that is bliss.

    I too would like to copy your photos, so thank you for giving such gracious permission.

  11. Hi Kathy!

    Thanks so much for granting me your kind permission to use your lovely photos!

    Yes, you know exactly what we’re going thru here! It’s overcast today, and we were supposed to get some much needed rain, but it went south of us.

    You take care and keep up your beautiful embroidery! Love it!


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