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About a week ago I got an email from a reader asking me where to buy Renaissance Crewel Wool. She kindly included her zip code in the email so I would know in which area of the USA  she lived. I sent off the list of suppliers from the Renaissance Dyeing website and wished her happy stitching.

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on thread – that’s because I’m saving for the wool for the screen project. Ordering new thread to try isn’t part of the plan right now. But my plan means that I haven’t been giving my readers information on thread sources for a while and some of you have missed that. So, here are some great sources both in the USA and in Europe. I know I have quite a few readers from Australia and would love to have your recommendations of thread sources to add to this list.

Before I go on, I fully support buying everything you can at you local needlework shop. However, many, many of us live nowhere near a shop and must order everything online or pick it up when we travel to where there is a shop. Here’s a list of my tried and true favorite sources for threads.


I use these sources when I know I’m going home and have them delivered so the thread is waiting for me when I arrive. I can always find room in my suitcase for a bit of thread!

Tristan Brooks – Heathway wool and Pearsall silk – two of my favorite threads! She also sells her own designs which are charming!

Hedgehog Handworks – Danish flower thread, DMC Floche a broder, Londonderry Linen Thread, Soie d’Alger, Soie de Paris, Renaissance Dyeing wool, fine d’Aubusson wool and Gilt Sylke Twist. She also sells silk collections which are very tempting! I’ve ordered from here and had things shipped to Germany. Fantastic customer service!

Nordic Needle – Oh goodness! Too many threads to mention but definitely worth a look to see if they have what you want. Cotton, silk, wool, metal…I’ve not been there yet but will go next time I’m up north – in North Dakota!

Needle in a Haystack – Another shop that seems to have it all! They carry Soy Luster as well, which I quite like. They offer a subscription to the Society of Soie Surfine and carry Access Commodities threads.

Stitchville USA – This is my favorite destination when I go home. It’s only 20 minutes from one of my daughters and we always take at least one trip out to visit this amazing store. It’s huge and they carry just about everything. Definitely worth a visit. I’ve never ordered via the internet or over the phone, but I know how helpful the staff is and I’m sure it would be a very good experience.


These are the sources I use all the time. In the EU ordering between countries is just like ordering between states in the USA – there’s no import duty and the shipping is reasonable. This means I can order from the UK, France, Italy…wherever I find what I need. Most sites are in English but, when they’re not, I just use Google Translator and copy and paste the text from the site into the translator.

Pearsalls Embroidery – This is where I buy all my silk. Pearsalls silk is wonderful – it’s my favorite. Over 300 colors of beautifully dyed silk to choose from. This is the same silk sold through Tristan Brooks in the USA.

Renaissance Dyeing – Home of Renaissance crewel wool. Here you can order all the wool your heart desires and read about how it’s made. They offer workshops on dyeing with natural plants if you want to give it a go yourself. If you’re also a knitter, they have exquisite yarn as well.

Sew and So – At first glance this site looks like a place to buy craft items rather than embroidery supplies. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find loads of threads. I’ve order thread from them many times and have always been pleased with their fast shipping and helpful customer service. If you have a question about something, shoot them an email and they will always respond. No order is too small to warrant their attention.

Burford Needlecraft – If you’re ever in the Cotswolds, go to Burford and visit this delightful shop! It isn’t very large but they have everything! They respond to emails quickly and are always happy to answer questions and order something you might need.

La Route de la Laine – Here you can find beautiful d’Aubusson wool and Au ver a sois threads including soie perlée, soie de Paris and soie Surfine. The site is also in English but not as complete.

Have fun browsing! If you have any great sources for threads in the USA, Europe, Australia or anywhere, please let us know!




6 thoughts on “Thread Suppliers – Here and There

  1. Have you ever tried Victoria Clayton’s hand dyed silk threads? I have used them exclusively for a while now and am very satisfied with them. I have no affiliation with her, just a satisfied customer. I also like that she is based in the US. No problem with Canadian or European suppliers, but like patronizing your local needlework shop, I like to buy from local (somewhat) manufacturers

    • Hi Joan,
      I havent tried Victoria Clayton’s silk but I appreciate the personal recommendation. It’s always good to hear from someone who uses a product that they like it. Those of you in the US might want to check it out. And for those of you who live nearer the east coast, I got an email from a reader letting me know that Renaissance Dyeing Wool is also available at the Nimble Needle. Although I haven’t used either of these suppliers, two of our community recommend them, so give them a try if you’re so inclined!
      Liebe Grusse,

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