Winter linen – half way there!

I just love how the design from Broderie d’Antan has turned out. It looks so French and will be perfect when combined with the patterned linen.

My initial plan was to attach two of these borders to the center piece but now that one is finished, I’m considering using only one. The embroidery is quite eye catching and I think that two embroidered panels might be too much. I may do one on the top and then edge the bottom and other two sides with either the brown linen or even red. But that’s for another day and another post!

For this project, I only used satin, chain and fly stitches. The thread is floche a broder. The trickiest bits of stitching were the long curved brown shapes.

When working curves it’s always hard not to squish the stitches into the shape, especially as the shape narrows. I always start in the middle of the shape, at an angle and work toward one end and then the other.

The fly stitch took some work to get just right and I learned that you must imagine the entire shape even if you’re only stitching a part of it. See my post “Thinking about shape” to read more about this.

Credit for the white lily shapes goes to my husband. I started stitching them in brown and it looked too heavy. He suggested white and it’s just right. I used split stitch on all the white parts of the design and the texture difference between the split stitch and the satin stitch is lovely.

My favorite part of the whole design are the little, round satin stitched dots. They’re each edged with split stitch, then padded and lastly satin stitched. They look so fat and so smooth. I feel it’s always worth the time and effort to pad shapes like this as they look 100% nicer when they’re finished.

Now I will go and work out the design for the finished product – the pillow. Not sure how long it will take…maybe some of you remember that I hoped I would finish this by Valentine’s Day? Ha! Not even close.

12 thoughts on “Winter linen – half way there!

  1. I do like what you’ve done with this. I must confess that the original prints that this border is to go with don’t do a thing for me, but what you’ve done is lovely.=)

  2. I love the combination white, red,brown, with the beige of the background linen. It’s beautiful and as you say the little circles are super .

  3. That is so beautiful! I love the colors and the brown fabric. It looks like it is machine made it is so perfect! I can’t wait to see what the pillow will look like. Happy stitching! 🙂

  4. C’ est magnifique , c’est toujours avec plaisir que j’admire une réalisation d’ un de mes modèles, je ne peux que dire bravo !!!!
    Bonne journée

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