Tail feathers

Stitching while visiting with family is such a nice way to pass the time. There is always so much news to catch up on but my fingers just itch to be holding a needle. Fortunately. my stand is portable and, if the work doesn’t require too much concentration, I can listen and stitch at the same time.

Outlining the tail feathers of the Phoenix with stem stitch was perfect to work on while I caught up on the news from home.

The colors for each feather had been planned so all I had to do was stitch the borders in stem stitch. The feathers change color so the stem stitch outline changed color as well. When the stem stitch was finished, I could then fill in the feather shapes using long and short shading. Beginning from the bottom of the each feather, I stitched quite long stitches, angling them slightly towards the middle of each feather shape.

On one feather, I had time to add the second color. I continued to stitch upwards filling in the shape as before and when all the second color was in, I then put in a few very, very long stitches into the first, lower color to look like the feathers were layered.

At the end of the long, curly feathers, I used stem stitch for the very end. It’s a great stitch for curved lines. And now…back to family and stitching! Hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing post Christmas weekend!

2 thoughts on “Tail feathers

  1. Lovely! It’s so nice to see your work, Kathy. The flow looks like fun, too.

    Solo for the holiday … and out to eat last night at Red Lobster (coupon, too, for shrimp cocktail!)

    I lit my electric Chanukah menorah and also the pretty ceramic Christmas tree that was made and given to my mom by one of her friends.

  2. How lovely to see your wonderful work and the progession of stitches and colours.

    I had the two new Crewel work books for Christmas.

    The RSN book by Jacqui McDonald is brilliant and such good value for money and. The other lovely book I had is Crewel Work by Tracey Franklin. This is let down by its binding and cover, but has lovely content. But for technical information the RSN one is my preference and a third of the price.

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