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Working on the bookmark using designs from the book Ricamo Estense by Elisabeth Holzer Spenilli has been completely different from what I’ve been doing for the last year and a half – now I’m counting threads!

The beautiful golden border that surrounds the entire edge of the bookmark is done using a combination of Pekinese stitch and stem stitch. When working this combination of stitches, it’s important to count the threads so the pattern in even and well spaced. Here’s a link (Hand Embroidery Network) where there is a perfectly clear explanation of how to do this stitch.  The golden border is done working two rows of Pekinese stitch facing one another (a mirror image) and  edging each side with stem stitch. I love the rich look of this combination of stitches!

The dark blue center line that looks like rope is done using an longer, slightly looser chain stitch that’s then overcast on the diagonal. The instructions in the book by Elisabeth Holzer Spenilli are very clear.

Today we’re going to concentrate on the Pearl stitch. It’s easy to do once you get the hang of it. If you count the threads between the stitches it looks more even but it isn’t absolutely necessary for success.

I worked this stitch from right to left because of the curve of the rope design. I wanted the red to come out of the dark blue at the top so that’s where I began my stitch.

To begin the Pearl stitch, bring your thread up from the back of the fabric.

To the left of where the thread came up, insert the needle and pull the thread through to the back LEAVING A LOOP of thread on the front side of the fabric. It’s important that this distance is the same for each stitch – the distance between coming up to the front and going back through to the back. If this distance is uniform the knots will be evenly space on the fabric and look wonderful! I counted 4 threads on my fabric.

Next, bring the needle back up to the front of the fabric again IN THE MIDDLE of the two previous stitches. Because I was counting 4 threads between coming up and going through to the back, when I came up from the back in the middle of the stitch, there were 2 threads on each side of the needle.

Take the thread to the right of the loop…

around the back and through the middle.

Pull the thread gently to tighten and VOILA you’ve made your Pearl Knot

4 thoughts on “Pearl Stitch – How to

  1. Yes, Thank you for the clear and precise instructions. It so easy to see and an easy stitch to practice.
    Good Day,France

  2. thank you for the the clear pictures and instructions. These instructions are so easy to follow.

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