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Stitchville USA! You’ve got to love that name – it implies a big BIG store full of stitching supplies – as big as the whole USA! And you’d not be far wrong if that’s what you come to Minnesota expecting to find. I’m in the Twin cities visiting my older daughter and she’d given me a gift certificate to Stitchville USA for my birthday, knowing I would be home now to “spend” it.

Stitchville is in Minnetonka, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Judging from the number of people in the shop, it isn’t too far to drive for anyone in the region – there were loads of people there on a Thursday morning in late July. A delightful woman named Kenne helped us by answering questions and showing us products that we weren’t familiar with.

Of course, I came for the threads. There is a LOT of thread in this shop. The inventory is huge! From Accentuate to Weeks Dye Works thread, Debbie Clarke, the owner,  stocks most of what people who embroider, do needlepoint or cross stitch dream about. The most difficult thing is to decide what kind and which colors to choose to take home. In addition to thread, I chose some ribbon for my first foray into ribbon embroidery later this year. I can’t wait!

She carries stitching frames (including Evertite), stands, lights, and a wide assortment of tools and accessories.

There are needlepoint canvases, cross stitch patterns, embroidery books and magazines about cross stitch, embroidery and needlepoint .

She carries linen (Belfast, Cashel, Glenshee), Aida cloth, wool pieces and much more, all cut to various sizes for all kinds of projects. Her hand dyed linen comes in a delicious array of colors. I chose some Belfast 32 count linen in a soft pink called Baby Lotion and a hazy green called French Lace. I may go back for a few more pieces because it’s so beautiful!

Stitchville USA  also had a customer loyalty “card” that’s a key chain. Very clever. Every time you pull out your keys, you remember Stitchville and the good deal you’ll get as you collect punches for every purchase. When it’s full, you will receive a substantial refund on your purchase! I love being rewarded for shopping locally!

I know not everyone has a needlework shop in their hometown and that many of us must order by mail to get the supplies we need or want. I also know that when we travel many of us will gladly go out of the way a bit to be able to see and touch inspirational supplies. This shop is DEFINITELY worth a drive to visit! And, if you aren’t in the area, Stitchville USA will happily fill any order via email or telephone from their web site. They have a toll free number in the USA and are happy to special order anything you need that they don’t have in stock.

Nope, I’m not affiliated with them and I only shop at Stitchville when I’m visiting my daughter. It’s a special treat for me to go to such a wonderful needlework shop with her!

10 thoughts on “Stitchville USA!

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I’m over here in France, not too far away from you in Germany, and your post today made me want to make a special trip to Stitchville’s bricks’n’mortar store. Guess I’ll have to be content to shop on their website! Am so enjoying your varied posts – from thread comparisons to projects you undertake and accomplish.

  2. Sunday morn. I am drooling…We don`t have stores like this one here in Quebec…what a shame.
    I am glad you mentionned them, I will use their on-line store.Thank you. Have a great day.

  3. Hello from Texas. Thank you for showing this great store full of all kinds of goodies. Wish I could go shopping there. Please keep up the good work telling all about these great places to purchase items we could not find elsewhere. Pat

  4. There was a wonderful stitching store in Clairemont that gave out the punch card, too … sadly, they went out of business. Poof! went my card.

    Actually, with all the SOS I force myself to not buy anything more.

    Even gave someone a skein of floss even though I had it in with fabric and chart all ready to stitch – whenever I get aroundtuit. LOL I figured she needed it and IF and WHEN I stitch the item, I’ll buy another skein of that color.

    I bought a LOT of DMC floss for 10 cents each when Wal-Mart was getting rid of their stock!

    Buy stuff at Stitchville USA that you really want to have!!! HEALTHY and Happy Birthday!!

  5. Amazing! I live nearby in St. Paul and had no idea that Stitchville USA even existed. I am so excited that there is such a big resource nearby. Thank you!

  6. Wow! What a wonderful shop!

    Are you sure you only spent the Birthday gift certificate from your daughter? If I was let loose in there, my flexible friend would take a serious hammering 🙂

    And I thought I’d found heaven on my recent holiday to Norfolk in the UK when I found a lovely little needlework shop in Norwich called The Work Box. For a small shop, it had a wonderful selection of threads, kits, beads, ribbons etc etc ….. and I won’t mention how much I spent in there!

    However, Stitchville looks amazing and in a league of its own!

    Cheshunt, Herts, UK

  7. Dear fellow stitchers,

    if you are in the twin cities area, stitchville usa is DEFINITELY worth the trip! i was visiting family for the holidays and made a road trip to their minnetonka store and it was so worth it! stitchville had tons of kits by lzzie kate which is one of my favorite designers.

    stitchville usa rocks!

    battle creek, michigan

    • Hi all,
      I agree absolutely! My daughter and son-in-law live in Minneapolis and I love going to Stitchville whenever I visit them.So glad you found it!
      Liebe Grusse,

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