Marriage Pillowe: Laid work

Laid work is a beautiful way to fill a shape – or part of a shape. There are so many different variations of laid and couched work that I imagine it would take a life time to study them all. Phillipa Turnbull has made historic crewelwork her life’s study and she is a master when it comes to laid and couched work.

Last October I was fortunate to be able to take a class with her at Burford Needlework. (She’s offering one again this year! Check it out here.) The project for the class was the crewel work piece you see above. It’s called the Victorian Peony and in it she’s included seven different patterns of laid and couched work. She’s included a few new ones in the Marriage Pillowe and that’s where the serious stitching begins in that kit. Continue reading

The Marriage Pillow – it’s arrived!

Friday afternoon, the last lesson of the day with Grade 6. Imagine, they want the weekend to come, I want the weekend to come, we’re all tired. Doing our very best but still, tired. In walks one of our assistants and she’s carrying a package for me. She has a smile on her face and, as she hands it to me she says “Ich habe eine überraschung für dich!” (I have a surprise for you!) As I took it from her  and saw the return address she asked “Bist du glücklich?” (Are you happy?) My answer was “Ja, klar!”(Yes, clearly!) and, just before the lesson finished, I showed the students what was in the package that surprised me at the end of the week.

The Marriage Pillow kit that I’m test stitching for Phillipa Turnbull had arrived. Even my class 6 students thought it was “cool”. They loved all the beautiful colors and have asked that I bring it in to show them when I’ve finished it. Many of them have never seen any embroidery. Imagine that!

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