Royal Persian Blossom

I have mixed feelings about finishing the Royal Persian Blossom project. The overwhelming emotion is pride and a close second is amazement; pride that I finished it in a reasonable amount of time and astonishment that I stitched something that was rather difficult.

The first post about this piece went on to the site on August 10, 2011. I must have started stitching not long after that date so the whole piece took just under 7 months. Of course, I didn’t work solely on the Royal Persian Blossom piece for all that time. I did stitch a little every week and some weeks quite a lot.

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Royal Persian Blossom – almost done…

This weekend all I did was stitch. Well, almost all I did. Grocery shopping, laundry, ironing – the usual weekend chores. My darling husband did his fair share and a big part of mine as well so I could stitch more. It’s now late Sunday afternoon and I cannot continue stitching. My concentration is shot. It’s been great – all 10 hours or more – but I’m completely done in. How DO the professional embroiderers do it?

It’s so close to being finished, but I can’t concentrate any more and I’ve come to a part that will take lots of concentration. The anthers, or as I call them, the balloons at the top of the design are the very last things to do. They will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Racing towards the finish

Usually I’m pretty relaxed about getting a project finished. I love every stitch and am sorry to be done with each piece. I ‘ll be sorry to be finished with the Royal Persian Blossom project, too…but I also can’t wait to see it completed!

I’ve been working on the last components, all of which are quite large shapes and all of which are at the top. The feeling of the piece has changed so much with each area I finish.

I’ve begun the last pair of shapes right at the top of the blossom, one on the right and one on the left. There’s quite a bit of gold in the remaining areas to stitch. Whenever I stand up to look at my work from a distance, the amount of light the gold thread adds to the piece surprises me.

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