Trevelyon’s Cap: too smooth?

Yesterday all I did was computer work. This morning everything is fine, but late yesterday afternoon I was pulling my hair out. I reinstalled my operating system and the after effects were confusing to say the least. While I enjoy using the computer and learning about computers, my limit is about 3 hours. Today is stitching, only stitching and lots of it! After I finish this article 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to on Trevelyon’s Cap this week. At the beginning of the week the design was stitched to this point.

The color balance is good and the mix of stitches and threads pleasing.  The next elements to work up were the two long, narrow leaves on either side of the blue flower.

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Little strawberries

I just love stitching strawberries. It’s not difficult to do and they almost always look delicious when they’re finished.

This strawberry is worked in padded satin stitch using Pearsall’s silk red # 360, gold passing thread #4 couched with Perasall’s silk green # 221 over the top and the leaves are padded with silk and then satin stitched using Gilt Sylke Twist Greene.

These are tiny strawberries: each strawberry is 3/8 inch/1 cm across.

It took me a while to get the hang of satin stitch with GST. It’s such an expensive thread that carrying each stitch under the shape as one usually does in satin stitch seems wasteful. The first thing I tried was bringing the thread up to the front right next to where it had gone down for the previous stitch. This worked, but not as well as I hoped. The stitches didn’t lay flat and I couldn’t pull them firmly enough to make them lay flat. So I decided to look for help on the internet.

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Royal Persian Blossom

My new project is the Royal Persian Blossom produced by Talliaferro. The design and the colors are just beautiful. It’s a kit that isn’t a kit: when you order you receive the design, a basic crewel stitches guide, a yarn chart, instructions for before you begin and a detailed stitch guide. After I’d looked through everything, I decided to get started, frame up  and transfer the design right away.

Well, I learned a couple of things during this long, drawn out process.

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