Royal Persian Blossom

I have mixed feelings about finishing the Royal Persian Blossom project. The overwhelming emotion is pride and a close second is amazement; pride that I finished it in a reasonable amount of time and astonishment that I stitched something that was rather difficult.

The first post about this piece went on to the site on August 10, 2011. I must have started stitching not long after that date so the whole piece took just under 7 months. Of course, I didn’t work solely on the Royal Persian Blossom piece for all that time. I did stitch a little every week and some weeks quite a lot.

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Improvement on Saturday’s work

Of course it all had to start with picking something out. Specifically, the blue curved shape on the right that was so obviously not symmetrical with the one on the left side. One of the great things about buttonhole stitch is that it’s quick and easy to pull out and damage to the fabric is minimal.

Using tracing paper, I drew over the shape on the left side of the design – the one I wanted to replicate on the right side but in mirror image.

Then I flipped the paper over (mirror image!) and, using a very sharp pencil point, I gently pierced the paper, leaving dots on the fabric for the new, improved shape. I didn’t have to remove any of the lines that I’d incorrectly drawn because the new shape covered most of it. Whew!

As I drew the new shape onto the fabric, I could see that I’d elongated and flattened out the curve of the original shape when I transferred it to the fabric. Although they still aren’t identical, they now have the same general shape and look much, much better.

The other bits were quite easy to fix – a matter of taking out the offending parts of the lines and re-stitching them more carefully and with more gentle curves.

The piece isn’t completely symmetrical, as you can see if you really examine it closely. I took a few minutes to look slowly and carefully at the photo of the completed design and it isn’t perfectly symmetrical either. All of you who left comments had such good points about symmetry in design and in nature. This is a design based on flowers and nature isn’t perfectly symmetrical all the time, is it? So I’m now happy with how it looks – the glaring differences have been removed – and I’m ready to go on to the next part.

And, yes, I probably will stitch this design again. Not right away, but it’s a good project for practicing certain stitches (long and short especially!) and the result is just beautiful. The hardest thing will be to decide on a different color combination! Any ideas?

Rats! Double rats!

I just didn’t see it until I stood up to take a photo and then…Rats and double rats.

The pattern wasn’t drawn onto the fabric symmetrically. (Drawn by me, I must add.) Nope, it’s wonky, off kilter, uneven and just plain not right.And I didn’t see it until I stitched it. Grrrrrrr.

Working from this angle, concentrating on the stitches being tight, even and following the curve, everything seemed just fine. I stitched away, thinking of what I would write about buttonhole stitch on a curve, oblivious to the imbalance I was creating.

And then I stood up to take a photo and – aarrgghh! – I saw it all too clearly.

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