New stitches to learn

A package arrived today from my father in Iowa. It was a small and very nice package with 7 spools of Gilt Sylke Twist thread inside. I just L*O*V*E getting little packages in the post. Almost always they are thread. And I L*O*V*E thread.

I also have ordered a new book to help me learn new stitches to use with this new thread. I haven’t read a review nor have I seen the book because it isn’t released yet…but it will be very soon.


Jacqui Carey has already published a book on Elizabethan Sweet Bags which quite a few people have reviewed favorably. Although I’m intrested in the history of embroidery and how it was used to decorate items in the past, right now I want to know how to recreate some of the stitches, so I opted for this new book by Jacqui Carey entitled Elizabethan Stitches.

Since I’ve finished the Royal Persian Blossom project (yep, it’s all done!!!! Pictures coming soon – as soon as the sun is shining – tomorrow I hope!) and the Marriage Pillowe is almost done, it’s time to focus on Trevelyon’s Cap. I’ve done quite enough long and short shading for a while and decided I would challenge myself by learning some new stitches; specifically Elizabethan stitches.

If you’re interested in Historic Embroidery and you understand how to use Facebook (I barely understand how to use it!) there is a great group on Facebook called Historic Hand Embroidery. You must login and join the group but these people have loads of information, post photos of their gorgeous projects and always have time to answer questions.

Do you have any great sources for information on Elizabethan Embroidery? Suggestions? Ideas? Tips? Let us hear from you!