Gilt Sykle Twist + Japanese Needle = Success!

Today I finally got to try detached buttonhole stitch using Gilt Sylke Twist and my new Japanese needle! Finally, I hear you ask? Aren’t you on vacation this week? Yes… However, vacation weeks are sometimes for catching up and, like many of us I suspect, I couldn’t sit down to stitch until a few things were crossed off my list. Now the list is shorter and I’ve had the best hour stitching I’ve had in a long time!

Firstly, Gilt Sylke Twist is not nearly as difficult or tricky to stitch with as I’d thought. I was prepared for the thread to bend, break, get tangled and snarled and generally be a right old pain. But it wasn’t. Not even a little. Yes, I had to stitch slowly and carefully. I also followed the tips from a reader, Mary Martin, and paid attention to the direction I pulled the thread off the spool and I twisted it a little bit as I was pulling it through. The thread didn’t break or tangle once!

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