Of all the things I do during the day, embroidery gives me the most pleasure. I call it my “delightful time”.

Delightful: giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.:  agreeable,  pleasant,  enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, welcome

Working on the Marriage Pillowe has been completely delightful. The design is very pleasing, the stitching pleasurable, the colors pretty, the finished project, satisfying. All in all, delightful!


The hillock on which they stand, filled with French knots.

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Drawing to a close

It was time for some gentle crewel work this week. I love doing crewelwork and this particular piece is so charming. I’ve been getting Issac’s clothing stitched so he now has his coat on. The coat is worked in three shades of green, all stitched using long and short stitch.

Usually when we think of long and short stitch we think of long and short shading. However, long and short stitch is a great stitch to fill in large areas of a single color.

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Royal Persian Blossom

I have mixed feelings about finishing the Royal Persian Blossom project. The overwhelming emotion is pride and a close second is amazement; pride that I finished it in a reasonable amount of time and astonishment that I stitched something that was rather difficult.

The first post about this piece went on to the site on August 10, 2011. I must have started stitching not long after that date so the whole piece took just under 7 months. Of course, I didn’t work solely on the Royal Persian Blossom piece for all that time. I did stitch a little every week and some weeks quite a lot.

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