Shade shifting strawberry

While stitching the pretty little strawberries on the needle case, I experienced a sort of visual illusion. In my head I know that one color can effect how another color looks. The most common experience I’ve had with the effect of one color changing how another color looks in my face. If I’m dressed in black or red or deep blue my skin looks healthy and my eyes alive. If I put on a bright yellow top, my skin suddenly look slightly green, washed out and ill.

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Stitching on linen again

It’s been quite a while since I’ve stitched on plain linen. The last two large pieces I finished were both crewel pieces worked on linen twill. The cap is being stitched on a dense cotton even weave fabric. (I don’t know what it is as I got it at a fabric market and didn’t ask in the crush of people.) The goldwork sampler is on muslin backed silk. None of these fabrics has “holes” in them. What do I mean by holes? The tiny spaces between the warp and weft threads of linen.

The project I started Saturday morning calls for cream linen. When I began to trace the sweet, simple pattern, I noticed that my pencil didn’t move as smoothly across the linen as it had across the twill or the silk or the mystery cotton. It isn’t a problem, I just noticed it more than I had before.

While stitching, I had to think about where to put my needle so I avoided the holes. Again, not a problem since I could split the fiber to put the needle exactly where I wanted it to be, but a different way of working than I’d experienced for a while.

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Of all the things I do during the day, embroidery gives me the most pleasure. I call it my “delightful time”.

Delightful: giving great delight; very pleasing, beautiful, charming, etc.:  agreeable,  pleasant,  enjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, welcome

Working on the Marriage Pillowe has been completely delightful. The design is very pleasing, the stitching pleasurable, the colors pretty, the finished project, satisfying. All in all, delightful!


The hillock on which they stand, filled with French knots.

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