Bullion knot flowers

Ever since I found out that milliners needles made bullion knots really easy to do, I have loved doing them. Before I made that discovery, I dreaded them. Bullion knots were difficult, messy and usually had to be done at least more than once. Now that I know which needle to use, they’re a piece of cake!

What’s the difference between a milliner’s needle and another needle? Most of the other needles we use to embroider are tapered; a bit wider at the eye end of the needle and getting narrower towards the point end of the needle. Milliners needles are the same thickness from the eye to just before the tip.

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How to: long bullion knots

Sometimes the needle we use is the difference between success and failure. It certainly made a big difference in the ribbon embroidery I did last week. For the stitches in this flower, the right needle was absolutely critical. You can see from the photo that the needle I’m using is long – over 2 inches/5cm. It’s a milliners needle. Can you guess what stitch I’m referring to? Yep, bullion knots!

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