Winter linen – half way there!

I just love how the design from Broderie d’Antan has turned out. It looks so French and will be perfect when combined with the patterned linen.

My initial plan was to attach two of these borders to the center piece but now that one is finished, I’m considering using only one. The embroidery is quite eye catching and I think that two embroidered panels might be too much. I may do one on the top and then edge the bottom and other two sides with either the brown linen or even red. But that’s for another day and another post!

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Thinking about the shape

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your life is filled with love from family, friends and your stitching!

One of my favorite stitches is fly stitch. Whenever I have leaves to stitch, it’s my first choice. So naturally I am using it for the leaf shape on the outside edge of the heart for the second Winter Linen pillow.

The leaves at the top of the design went smoothly and I was loving the graceful curve of each leaf.

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Concentration and precision

It’s been an interesting weekend of stitching. Half of the time I was concentrating on placing my needle in e-x-a-c-t-l-y the right place and the other half I was chanting mantras that went like this: “up 2, over left, over right, up 2, over left, over right”.

While working on the Winter Linen pillow, the texture of the satin stitch or the split stitch was the most important consideration. Placing the needle in the perfect place can make or break the smooth texture of satin stitch.

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