Looking back and looking ahead

The Silk 3 times project is finished. This was my very first silk ribbon embroidery project and I chose to keep it simple. Often simple is equated with plain. With silk ribbon, simple does NOT mean plain! This piece has style, color, texture galore and it is simply beautiful! Over the top pretty!

It’s possible – in the future – after the RSN course – that I’ll be making this into a purse…maybe. Here’s a link to the Cote Passions web site which provided me with the inspiration. The “How to” article is on this page, but you have to scroll down to find it. I think it could be wonderful, although not terribly useful. But sometimes we need beautiful, wonderful things in our lives that aren’t necessarily useful. That’s one of the reasons I embroider – to create those things.

This weekend I have quite a few embroidery things planned. I’m going to continue work on the Floral Bed cover and the sampler but I’m also going to be branching out a bit into making something useful  (I hope it’s also beautiful and wonderful!)  for my RSN course.

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Silk 3 times – thread flowers

When necessity becomes the mother of invention, sometimes the results can be less than perfect and sometimes… it’s wonderful!

My stitching  budget is rather tight right now with the Royal School of Needlework course coming up, the supplies I’ll need and the wool I’ve ordered for the screen project…anyway, I’m not buying a*n*y*t*h*i*n*g until I’m in England. So, when I looked at the silk ribbon I had left for the Silk 3 times project and saw it wasn’t going to be enough to do all the flowers, I decided to stitch two of the flowers using silk thread rather than silk ribbon. And I think it’s lovely!


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Silk 3 times: first flowers

These ribbon flowers are all about layers: layers of stitches and colors. Stitching layers of the simple ribbon stitch creates the texture that reminds me of the petals of a flower. Using ribbon that’s been hand dyed from Thread Gatherer varies the color randomly as the ribbon shifts from one shade to the next, just as the petals of flowers often do.

The first two flowers on the left have completely different shades in them in comparison to the second two on the right. This is completely random and one of the things I like best about using overdyed fibers – ribbon or thread. The unpredictability of the color placement seems to give the stitches life.

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