Inspiration and Ideas

The screen project is coming along slowly but surely. I’ve decided on the colors thanks to all of your input. I’ll be more specific later, but I will tell you that I am using 46 different colors. Many of you suggested that adding some of the brighter colors would be a good idea and I agree 100%.  I’ve also decided on using linen twill for the fabric. I’m waiting on a sample of the Legacy Linen Twill from the USA to make a firm decision as to whether I’ll use the more traditional yellowy/tan color or the creamy white of the Legacy. The main difficulty will be getting it here if I decide I like the creamy white color better, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!

The design is developing but I so want to make sure I get it right that I’m still looking for inspiration and ideas. That’s why, when the book Jacobean Embroidery by Penelope came up for sale on eBay, I put in a bid right away. From the small photos on the eBay listing,  I knew there were ideas on those pages and I was right!

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Color choices for a BIG project

I’m getting closer to beginning the folding screen project: I’m thinking about it a LOT, considering the thread colors, fabrics, designs and tools I will need…there’s so much to think about!

I’ve narrowed the design to two choices:  a tree of life with birds and animals that uses all 4 panels for the complete design or a single panel design of vines, flowers and birds, each one worked in slightly different shades of color, representing the four seasons. I have to draw out ideas and use my trusty colored pencils to get the design out of my head and onto paper. We have a week of holiday at the end of the month and I’m hoping for long hours of inspirational creative time to work on the design.

Color combination 1

I’ve chosen to use linen twill as the fabric for two reasons: it’s sturdy enough to support all the stitching and it’s traditional.  Here are the two sets of thread color choices I am mulling over. The colors aren’t very different in small amounts but I think the whole piece will look quite different when its all finished depending on the colors.

Color combination 2

The wool is Heathway, which is dyed by the same gifted dyer, John Cunningham, who dyes my favorite silk, Pearsall’s. He has the most wonderful, perfect eye for color – he is a master at his craft. I’ll be using all of the shades of each of the 4 color families.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Color combination 1 or 2? Here they are side by side to help you see the differences even better. Please leave a comment and share your opinion with us!

Number 1                                                    Number 2

A BIG project

This screen came from my Grandmother’s house. I’ve been thinking for a while about refinishing it and then embroidering panels on each of the 4 sections. Maybe even doing 8, 4 on one side and 4 different ones on the other side.

I’ve looked at screens on the web and in books. I’ve looked at them when I go to country houses and castles. I’ve not found one yet that I want to copy or even interpret. But I DO want to do something with this screen – it’s pretty, it’s unusual and it’s a family piece: three good reasons to make it my first BIG project.

And I would like your input, advice, guidance etc. dear readers. You are a fountain of creativity and encouragement. Here are the facts:

It’s made of wood but I don’t know what kind (yet). It’s stained a reddish brown color but needs to be refinished to look it’s best. A color change is o.k. with me. Painting is possible too but I think I’d prefer stain.

The panels are currently heavy cardboard covered in toile wallpaper. It’s faded badly and has some water damage.

Each panel is 15 x 40 inches/39 x 103 cm. The whole screen is 70 inches/175 cm tall.

I’m thinking crewel wool on twill…but again, your ideas are very welcome.

This is a project I’ll begin after the holidays are over…lots to do between now and then!

In advance, THANK YOU!

Liebe Grusse,