Critique of Saturday’s work

Yesterday I stitched a long, long time. It was wonderful. Now that another section of the Royal Persian Blossom project is finished, I can see that my transfer of one whole section wasn’t correct. Worst of all, it’s supposed to be a mirror image – but it isn’t. I’m about 60% happy with it but the things that are bothering me are REALLY bothering me so I’m going to try to fix them. Unfortunately, it may not be possible since I drew over the pounce with a sepia pen. I knew the project would take a long time and I didn’t want the lines to fade.

Some of what’s bothering me is the stitching and some of it is the transfer. Numbers 1a and 1b are transfer problems. This is after I fixed it three times and it’s still not good enough. More about ideas for fixing this mess later.

All of numbers 2 – 4 are due to sloppy stitching, I think. Although the transfer might not be perfect, I’m pretty sure I can fix these niggling things by placing the stitches just on the inside or just on the outside of the line that isn’t quite in the right place.

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It’s finished in time

While I was gathering things together for the RSN course, I did a bit of a tidy in my studio; going through all the thread and putting things away, re-shelving books, stuff like that. I knew I had all the Paternayan wool colors needed to do the Flowers for Elizabeth blanket in the future, but I hadn’t really looked at the colors since I got the thread last October when I was in England.  And when I looked, I got lucky! There, in one of the bags of thread, was a skein of white wool that exactly matched the Appleton wool I’d run out of on the RSN Prep Sampler.

I asked my trusty color expert if the colors matched and, after a long and considered look in both sunlight and artificial light, he announced that they were the same. Hooray! Therefore, I’ve finished the sampler!

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Out of thread! Rats!

Firstly, thank you all who answered my questions about stitching groups. I was overwhelmed with the heart felt responses!

Now on to something completely different…

It was so close to being finished. Only three more long lines of chain stitch were left. But the thread is gone. I knew it would be close but I really thought there would be just enough. Rats. Fortunately, I’ll be able to get all the Appleton wool I need at the RSN course in only 10 days.

Since finishing the white chain stitch grid pattern wasn’t possible until I get more thread, it was time to move on and stitch the little accent motifs in the squares and rectangles. My first thought was to put the name underneath each different stitch. The words would need to be very small and the stitching very fine.  However,  the linen twill is too coarse to do such fine stitching even with fine silk or cotton thread, at least for my current level of skill!

So I decided to do two very simple little designs or motifs in the rectangles and the squares. I’ll just make a little diagram to remind me of the names of the stitches. I don’t really think I’ll forget after doing them all…but you never know! Sometimes I forget the simplest things.

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