Love and Joy Sachet

Oooohhh…it smells wonderful in my studio! I wish we could transmit smell the way we can sound and pictures via the internet.

The Love and Joy sachet is all finished and here are the instructions so you can make one as a gift from someone. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The first thing you need to do is gather together the ingredients you need to make the potpourri. You will need flax seeds as the base. This is what fills up the sachet but it doesn’t have any smell of it’s own. You will also need 1/2 stick of cinnamon, 5 – 7 whole cloves and 2 – 3 star anise.

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Love and Joy complete

This has been a lovely project to work on. One of the things I’ve  liked best is that it could be broken down into manageable parts – text, brown branches, holly leaves in check thread, holly leaves in silk and the border in gold passing thread. Each used a different technique/stitch and each could be done in an evening. I could see progress throughout the week as I stitched after school or after dinner. What a good feeling!

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Green check holly ‘How To’

Green check holly – it looks magical! The effect of this green metal thread from Benton and Johnson isn’t gaudy but gently shimmery. And best of all, it wasn’t difficult – a bit fiddly, but not difficult.

Here’s a photo of one leaf with all 6 pieces of check attached but not yet couched. Looks pretty silly doesn’t it? Like it’s sprung apart!

And here’s the leaf after I couched the check thread in one or two places along the curved line to hold it in place.

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